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Back To Work Lucinda Dyer Back To Work Lucinda Dyer
How to recondition and rehabilitate your horse from author Lucinda Dyer.

Accurate and logical advice.What a monster size book and great detail and direction on exactly how to recondition or rehabilitate your horse. Lucinda Dyer, in this new release book - brings a wealth of information and poignant interviews with six riders who suffered serious injuries including broken necks as well as other broken bones and details how they overcame confidence issues and health setbacks. ...... (click on image for full details)

$26.95 On Sale! $19.95
Barn Sign Fergus Please Sweep Up Barn Sign Fergus Please Sweep Up

Don't let the mess in the aisle-way bother you anymore. Post this fun sign and let everyone know they are expected to clean up their own mess and save yourself the trouble of repeating yourself. Nothing better than a clean and tidy barn.

Size 8.5 x 11 inches. Plastic.....................(click on image for larger picture)

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$9.99 On Sale! $8.79

beyond horse massage wall charts Beyond Horse Massage Wall Charts

NewEasy-To-View Wall Charts Jim Masterson
Since the release of the now international bestsellers Beyond Horse Massage, the book and DVD, Jim Masterson, creator of the Masterson Method, has received countless requests for an easy-to-use visual aid to always have on hand in the barn. The result of this popular demand are these large-format hanging wall charts, clearly providing the quick-reference photos and step-by-step instructions for 13 Masterson Method techniques. With a spiral binding and grommet for hanging the charts in the stall or the aisle, those who have discovered the benefits of the Masterson Method..........(click on image for full details)


$22.95 On Sale! $19.95
Bridle with Silver Chain Browband The Verden Black Leather Horse Bridle with Silver Chain Browband The Verden
A super quality bridle imported from Germany. Made with beautiful German leather that is buttery soft and sturdy accurate workmanship, the highlight feature of the embedded silver chain in the browband catches the light beautifully as the horse moves.......... (click on image for full details)

$139.99 On Sale! $135.99

Black Surcingle Belt. Black Surcingle Belt. Hand Made in the USA.
Super horsey belt with the surcingle design and fully adjustable. A neatly stitched belt, made proudly by American craftsman of the finest leather............. (click on image for larger picture)

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$59.99 On Sale! $49.99

Bringing Up Baby Book John Lyons Bringing Up Baby Book John Lyons
John Lyons and Jennifer J. Denison: Young Horse and Foal Training A step by step, literally, guide to giving your young horse or foal the best start in training with 20 progressive ground work lessons. A super help that allows you to get started right away in building your horse into a reliable and accepting partner....... (click on image for full details)
$24.95 On Sale! $19.95
Saddle Pad Rich Red All Purpose Diamond Saddle Pad Rich Red All Purpose

 Just arrived and a hot seller - this diamond AP saddle pad is very durable, machine washable with cool dry. The topline is contoured for maximum comfort and the liner is soft with cool dri lining and breathable with a smooth cotton finish on top. Match it up with one of the just arrived red vests and polo wrap sets for a complete look.............. (click on image for full details)

$35.99 On Sale! $32.99

kavalkade longe reins double horse tack Double Longe Reins in Black with Coupling

New ProductThese reins are made by the German company Kavalcade of a specialist, soft but durable materials and are joined in the middle with a swivel for use as double longe reins for horse training. The end clips swivel.

Offered in black. Length is approximately 59 feet altogether..........(click on image for larger picture)


vest windsor navy Equestrian Riding Vest in Classic Navy Blue.
This classic Navy Blue small diamond quilted jacket has a water repellent moss microfiber shell and is fully lined. This princess cut jacket is flattering to the figure, and is lightweight but provides warmth for that early morning schooling session or late evening hack. It is adjustable in the back and has a comfy elastic waist, which provides a super slimming fit as well as being great to wear........ (click on image for full details)

$47.99 On Sale! $45.99

Equifit Clean Wash 8 oz Maximum Strength Equifit Clean Wash 8 oz Maximum Strength

Therapeutic shampoo intended for periodic use on existing fungus, infection or wounds. Maximum strength CleanWash can be used on infected areas or as a prophylactic against possible infestation by microorganisms and other parasites.
Effective Against:

Rain Rot
Skin Irritations....... (click on image for full details)

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$23.00 On Sale! $21.95

Equus Jaguar Rubber Reins Havana 5/8 Equus Jaguar Rubber Reins Havana 5/8"
Made by world renowned Harry Dabbs these reins are part of the iconic Jaguar line of equestrian products. These are the standard bubble rubber grip variety. Complete with leather martingale stops and double layer ends with hook studs. Offered here in Havana color. Also available in Autumn Gold.............(click on image for larger picture)

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$85.99 On Sale! $79.99

Fits Tech Tread Full Seat Breeches in Sahara FITS Breech Tech Tread Full Seat Sahara

New ProductFITS new Techtread’s mesmerizing power- pattern brings nuanced performance to new levels, created from the study of human movements in the saddle with inspiration from shoe tread technology. The result is a pattern that maximizes grip where riders need it, minimizes it where they don’t, and provides a balance between the two in areas where................ (click on image for full details) 

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$127.99 On Sale! $114.99

Zephyr Hunt Coat FITS Hunt Show Coat Navy Zephyr

New Copyrighted Review:-

The FITS company phrase ' Look Formal, Ride Naked ' is absolutely true. Not only does this jacket look good, it feels terrific. With all the great design and fit/function features you expect from FITS, the folks there have done a lovely job with this elegant, modern yet with a big nod to the more conservative flavor that is hunters. With a 3 button closure and like colored navy trim but in a satin finish............... (click on image for full details)


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$334.00 On Sale! $299.00

Haas Brenig Madoc Horse Brush Haas Brenig Madoc Horse Brush

A very sturdy long bristled brush, synthetic and robust. It is very swift at penetrating longer coats and its durability will be appreciated by all horse owners.

Made in Germany. Leather handle........(click on image for full details)


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$16.95 On Sale! $13.95

hay net mesh Haynet Trailer and Stall Use Save $

Traditional haynet perfect for trailer rides as well as the stall, this nylon haynet has 2" holes that slows down eating. Offered in royal blue and forest green. Review: Always a handy product and great for keeping your horse entertained for long period. It also saves you dollars on your hay budget as there is significantly less wastage. also offers slow feed hay bags. Please see other listing.............. (click on image for larger Picture)




Heritage Competition Riding Glove Heritage Competition Riding Glove Sale!
Innovative Equestrian Glove in Black with Navy.

An all around high quality performance glove that can be used for all disciplines. It is designed to be flexible and comfortable while providing ventilation and durability. Used extensively by 3 day event riders, show jumping and endurance professionals. Plus an excellent choice for everyday training and pleasure riding............(click on image for full details)

$24.99 On Sale! $18.99

his majesty the friesian 3 volume set His Majesty The Friesian 3 Volume Set.

The Royal Friesian Horse Studbook exacts very specific requirements for including a stallion in their book and as many breeders know regulations are strict. This film shows the Friesians stallions that are stationed in Europe. They descend from Age, Ritske and Jarich, and there is all the information you could ever want here about exactly how these magnificent horses are related....... (click on image for full details)


$119.85 On Sale! $109.85
horse blanket phlegon juniper heavy weight turnout Horse Blanket Phlegon HWT Turnout CLEARANCE! Save $60
800011 Copyrighted review:- Winner of 'best blanket' in the heavyweight division at Horse Journal. CLEARANCE, we are no longer working with this manufacturer..............(click on image for full details)

Please note all red tag sales are final sales and may not be returned for any reason.

$157.99 On Sale! $97.99


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