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Collective Remarks Collective Remarks 20 Years of Dressage Wisdom

NewA Journey through the American Dressage Evolution: Where It’s Been, Where We Are, and Where We Need to Be By Anne Gribbons. Copyrighted Review:-
An insightful look at the world of dressage from an iconic member of world class dressage, told with candor and a keen eye. Aptly named, " Collective Remarks," Anne Gribbons brings the reader some heartfelt advice on stepping down the centerline sharing her experiences as competitor, trainer and judge through the ups and downs of her life with horses and this sport she evidently is very passionate about.........(click on image for full details)

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beyondthetrack.jpg Beyond The Track Anna Morgan Ford and Amber Heintzberger.
991274 review: Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to support the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program of which Anna Morgan Ford has been Program Director for seven years. Awesome work! This book has been put together with true understanding of the life of a racehorse, his temperament and retraining issues that may arise....... (click on image for full details)
$34.95 On Sale! $31.95
ranchhorseversatility.jpg Ranch Horse Versatility A Winner's Guide to Successful Rides

Written by multiple American Quarter Horse Association world champion Mike Major, Ranch-Horse Versatility helps prepare you to participate in the equine world's fastest growing event, no matter which competitive association you prefer. Major's training tips can improve your horse's performance in all aspects of ranch-versatility competition, and the expertise he shares, gleaned both in the show arena and from real ranch work, can help polish anyone's horsemanship skills........ (click on image for full details)


$26.50 On Sale! $15.95
breakingahorsetoharness.jpg Breaking A Horse To Harness Sallie Walrond
Expert Advice Takes You From Start To review: In my opinion this is THE book to read to learn how to start your horse in the world of carriage driving! Excellent. Great color photographs accompany the step by step instructions from world renowned judge and trainer Sallie Walrond...... (click on image for full details)
$45.00 On Sale! $38.99
healinghorses.jpg Healing Horses the Classical Way. Harry Chaim Faibish.
991153 review; As any horse owner/trainer knows, from time to time a horse comes into your life that may not have had the kindest or best education, a horse who had 'issues' and one to whom you need to give a great deal of thought and much patience. ....... (click on image for full details)

$55.00 On Sale! $45.95
goodhorsebadhabits.jpg Good Horse Bad Habits Heather Smith Thomas

Practical Solutions to Problem Behavior in the Barn, under Saddle, and out in the World.

A go-to manual for any horse owner, this book addresses a range of equine behavioral problems, from the mild—refusing to stand still or tail rubbing, for example—to the severe, such as rearing under saddle or attacking other horses.

With topics broken into four main categories—bad habits in the stable, correcting ground manners, problems under saddle, and the reluctant traveler—noted rancher and horse book author Heather Smith Thomas dissects each topic by addressing the source of the problem, providing solutions to the behavioral issue, and discussing what to do if the fix doesn’t stick.........(click on image for full details)

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3minutehorsemanship.jpg 3-Minute Horsemanship Vanessa Bee On Sale

New60 Amazingly Achievable Lessons to Improve You and Your Horse When Time Is Short by Vanessa Bee. A new book especially written for the time-starved 21st-century horse owner! Do you day after day make a promise to train yourself and your horse to be better at something, but when you get to the barn there just doesn’t seem to be enough time? Don’t worry, what really matters is the quality of the training you do manage to fit in........(click on image for full details)

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$27.95 On Sale! $18.95
appaloosa.jpg The Legendary Appaloosa from authors Cheryl Dudley Foreword George Hatley
Appaloosa Horse Lovers Delight The Legendary Appaloosa from authors Cheryl Dudley Foreword George Hatley At last the Appaloosa lover has a delightful book with superior quality production designated to the breed - the book features over 160 color photos which are extremely artistic as well as educational....... (click on image for full details)
$29.95 On Sale! $19.95
horsesensebook.jpg Horse Sense A Whimsical desktop guide to horse care.
This makes a great gift for the beginner horse owner or rider. A perfect size for your desktop with an easy flip top so you can learn a new fact everyday. Undated so you can use any time of year. The artwork is fun and the facts are useful and full of good common sense advice. .......(click on image for full details)
405minutejumpingfixes.jpg 40 5 Minute Jumping Fixes Simple Solutions for Better Jumping

NewWendy Murdoch. Copyrighted Review:- 40 5 Minute Jumping Fixes provides a super round of exercises that enable the rider to quickly improve their position in the saddle and their success over fences. There are lots of neat photos to guide you through the exercises and detail the correct way to do each one. Learn what length crest release is best for you, how to weight the inside of your stirrups, ring finger connection and so much more plus how to correctly use saddle padding, neck straps, and determine the correct saddle position........(click on image for full details)

$29.95 On Sale! $21.95
horsehousing.jpg Horse Housing Richard Klimesh and Cherry Hill. Paperback.
Build Your Horse Farm or Horse Barn. How to Plan, Build, and Remodel Barns and Sheds.

This is a super book with lots of good practical ideas and demonstrations via diagramatic plan design and photographs of all you need to know about building your horse barn or facility.
If you have inherited another use building it also has great remodel help info....... (click on image for full details)

$27.95 On Sale! $25.95
sufferinginsilence.jpg Suffering in Silence. Jochen Schleese.
NewThe Saddle-Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses Jochen Schleese Humans and horses have been joined for thousands of years, and for much of that time, one thing has served as the primary point of physical contact between them: the saddle. However, for many horses and many riders, the saddle has been no less than a refined means of torture. Horses have long suffered from tree points impeding the movement of their shoulder blades; too narrow gullet channels damaging the muscles and nerves along the vertebrae; and too long panels putting harmful pressure on the reflex point in the loin area........(click on image for full details)
$29.95 On Sale! $24.95
lameness.jpg Lameness A Tome of Advice Equine Research Save $12
Superb guidance in all aspects of lameness causes and resolution in the horse. Comprehensive resource. A must have in the barn. Everyone that has read this book says it's a 10 out of 10 must have super resource. This is a tome of a book and is jam packed with many diagrams to accompany a comprehensive study of all forms of lameness and their diagnosis and treatment. .......(click on image for full details)
$27.95 On Sale! $15.95
bookcaringforhorsesteeth.jpg Caring for the Horse's Teeth and Mouth.
991415 copyrighted review: No horse owner should be without this guide. As a rider and horse owner most of us know that good teeth and a pain free mouth are an absolute must for our horses to protect both their health and to ensure their best performance for any discipline. This book brings you a clear understanding of the many facets of care of the horse's teeth and mouth.......(click on image for full details)
$35.00 On Sale! $24.95
competitiondrivingshoe.jpg Competition Carriage Driving On A Shoestring. Jinny Johnson
This is a book with special assistance for the novice single horse or pony driver - how to enter and compete in combined driving on a shoestring. From Uk Publisher J Allen, and written by the well respected driving commissioner Jinny Johnson...... (click on image for full details)

$19.95 On Sale! $15.95
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