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Fritz Stahlecker In Hand Work for young dressage horses Part 2.

This is not your everyday in hand training program - this is a comprehensive method of training the young dressage horse through to the top levels of the sport by working the horse from a young age in hand, then riding him and then coming back to the in hand work. We are familiar with the notion that the ability to learn is greater in the earlier years of life, whether horse or human. How early can you begin your dressage horse? Fritz takes you through an exceptional hand/saddle/hand method. Working with three year old horses - stress free and with due consideration to the horse and his psychological aspects. "legerete" - riding without a strong influence of the hand, is what every rider should strive for. This is part of Romantic riding.Using a special extra padded schooling bridle the horse learns basic exercises without the rider's weight and without a bit. Thus no tensions or stresses are produced as the horse develops his muscles and physique improves daily. The rider then can mount the horse at four years old, when he has already mastered basic work. Then for more advanced collection work it's back to the in hand work. Anyone that prefers aesthetics and creativity over force and strength will love this method. This is Part 2 of a 2 part series and this DVD covers the advanced. Please see our other listings to purchase the set for a discount. Who is Fritz Stahlecker? Well known for his work throughout the years with difficult horses, he has also made several horses using this method through Grand Prix level. His opinion is that too violent use of the reins is the biggest mistake - and this method helps to nurture the horse's physical well being and trust. This DVD is 58 minutes duration and is PAL ( European) on one side and NTSC ( North America/Canada) on the other. So folks on both sides of the pond can enjoy it. This is the English version. Highly Recommended. Lots to learn here.


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