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Barn Supplies & Tack Care

Some neat and innovative products for your horse barn that will help keep it tidy and safe. Horse signs from Fergus and others to remind your boarders of your barn rules, tack care and more lovely horse lover bits and pieces!

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Horse Sign. Checklist. Horse Sign. Checklist. Fergus Humor.

Complete with erase pen and pen clip this is a handy board to have around the barn. Fergus humor puts a smile on your face. Great for an actual show checklist or for any other notes. Put one in the trailer with class times, and one in the barn for reminders of ordering supplies or notes to staff. ...................(click on image for larger picture)



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Black Cotton Lead Rope Black Cotton Lead Rope 1/2 inch 6 ft

A handy Amish made cotton lead rope with solid brass rotating snap. review: Always handy to have plenty of these. Inexpensive.......... (click on image for larger picture)

$9.95 On Sale! $7.95


The Natural Hoof Shoe The Natural Hoof Shoe Equals Happy Horses SALE

Offering exceptional traction with contoured fit, this machine washable show is lightweight, soft and pliable. Easy on and easy off.

Drainage and ventilation features; safe design without buckles or clips. Copyrighted Review: There are many horse boots on the market today and we tested many of them before making this selection. This boot fit horses better, offered excellent drainage and ventilation which kept the hooves much healthier. The boots were very easy to put on and off and stayed on during turnout and rough trails. The boots also wash up very well and offer a nice padding on the interior of the sole which is also removable for washing. The perfect solution to soft feet on hard terrain, to protect the hoof when a shoe goes missing.............. (click on image for full details)



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Haynet Haynet Trailer and Stall Use

Traditional haynet perfect for trailer rides as well as the stall, this nylon haynet has 2" holes that slows down eating. Offered in royal blue and forest green. Review: Always a handy product and great for keeping your horse entertained for long period. It also saves you dollars on your hay budget as there is significantly less wastage. also offers slow feed hay bags. Please see other listing.............. (click on image for larger Picture)





Slow Feed Hay Bag Slow Feed Hay Bag

Tough outer fabric with mesh side gussets pack the flakes perfectly for slow feeding your horse. Save wasted hay and keep your horse occupied for longer.
Breathable nylon 600 dernier. Choose from navy blue or forest green. Review: This product lasts well and is well constructed with two hanging rings and the back has a loop so you can attach it to a post or the wall. It definitely saved hay wastage. The expandable side gusset made loading it up super easy.
We also sell regular mesh nylon haynets here at The Horse Studio. Please see other listing............... (click on image for larger Picture)





Barn Sign Fergus Please Keep This Shut Barn Sign Fergus Please Keep This Shut

Fergus will bring a smile to their faces but send a clear message at the same time with this request to keep the gate/door shut. No more gates swinging in the wind and getting damaged or horse stall doors blocking the aisle.

Size 8.5 x 11 inches. Plastic. ...................(click on image for larger picture)

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Please Coil Up the Hose Barn Sign Fergus Please Coil Up the Hose

Another fun new sign from Fergus. An uncoiled hose is not just a tripping hazard, it also gets damaged by horses feet stepping on it. Post this sign and let everyone know you'd appreciate their keeping it tidy.

Size 8.5 x 11 inches. Plastic....................(click on image for larger picture)

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Ribbon Holder Ribbon Holders Triangle Hold lt Hanger
A beautiful way to display your ribbons - this acrylic plaque holds championship size (5 inch) ribbons for sleek wall design. Plaque holds 5 ribbons. Made in the USA. Includes two brass finishing nails.............(click on image for full details)
$21.95 On Sale! $19.95


Nicker Notes. Horse Barn Sign Nicker Notes.

The perfect notice board for your barn - leave messages for your friends, vet or farrier. With the Tom Simmons quote, " A good horse is never an accident."............... (click on image for full details)





Critter Crossing Horse Barn Sign Critter Crossing

Here's a fun sign for everyone to enjoy. If you have a menagerie of animals, and many of us do - this is the perfect announcement at the gate. Post this sign at the end of your driveway, on a gate, around the barn or on a tree.
Great way to warn visitors to drive slowly and look out for critters.

 Fun Metal sign. 12 x 12 inches. Screws not included.................. (click on image for larger picture)





 Caution Horses Horse Barn Sign Caution Horses

A good sign for the back of your trailer as well as up the driveway or on a gate.

 Fun Metal sign. 12 x 12 inches. Screws not included................... (click on image for larger picture)





My Barn My Rules Horse Barn Sign My Barn My Rules

It shouldn't be any other way. A fun way to say to everyone to follow your instructions. After all, there is only one way to do something, and that's the right way.
Fun Metal sign. 12 x 9 inches wide. Screws not included..................... (click on image for larger picture)





Please Keep Out of Pasture Horse Barn Sign Please Keep Out of Pasture

Safety is paramount in and around your horse facility and posting a sign regarding keeping folks out of the pasture always a good reminder. Screws not included..................... (click on image for larger picture)





Eco-Horsekeeping. Eco-Horsekeeping.
Eco-Horsekeeping ON SALE! Only $12.70. Over 100 budget friendly ways you and your horse can save the planet. Lots of advice on cleaner, greener horsekeeping practices from recycling to wind power to manure handling techniques. Economical tips that will save you money while also protecting the environment. Author is Lucinda Dyer. ...... (click on image for full details)

$16.95 On Sale! $9.95

Riding Gloves/Barn Gloves SSG. Goatskin. SSG Ranch 'n Ride Goatskin Gloves
These gloves are lightweight and durable to wear and are perfect for chores around the barn. The premium quality goatskin is soft and flexible providing a good feel while still providing protection. The heavy duty lycra back increases comfort and flexibility and provides ventilation. ......... (click on image for full details)

final saleAll red tag sales are final sales as marked. No returns or exchanges for any reason. Hence big discount.

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Haas Grundy's Finest Haas Grundy's Finest Horse Brush
510093 review:
This brush is made of very soft horse hair-pure and so soft-it is the finishing brush especially for the horse's face and legs. The hair is dense, one of the most dense that you'll ever find. Leather handle of course........(click on image for full details)


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Stirrup Key Chain English Stirrup Key Chain Pewter with Detailed Buckle.

Extremely fine craftsmanship and artwork of the buckle with the foot grip in the stirrup iron too add the perfect accent for that set of keys. A handy gift that won't break the bank. Made of pewter and size is approximately 3.5 by 1 inch............. (click on image for larger picture)

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Rider's Diary Breeding Mares Pack Refill Rider's Diary Breeding Mares Pack Refill

The super popular Rider's Diary, sold exclusively in the USA ( exception CA), by The Horse Studio comes with lots of options for the horse breeding farm. This is a package with special pages for the mare owner/horse breeder.

See also package for Breeding Stallion and other special options to choose from.........(click on image for larger picture)

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