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Mikmar Horse Bit
Snaffle, Full Cheek Wing Lozenge Mikmar Horse Bit Cupreon

This warmer, softer Cupreon copper bit is a favorite amongst horseman. Mikmar has once again produced a very high quality, well made and designed bit. Excellent double jointed mouthpiece and full cheek design, make it a very good bit for working young horses out on the trail, providing that little extra turning control, and for the young horse over fences, though can be useful for any discipline. The movement on the cheek encourages the bend, the Cupreon copper encourages the horse to softly mouth on the bit, and the specially formulated extra high copper content of this Cupreon mouthpiece further promotes oxidation and salivation. That is unique to Mikmar bits and probably what makes them leaders in this field. If you add keepers for the bit then there is a small amount of poll pressure and control. A very useful bit for young riders.


The cheek and is high quality stainless steel, for durability and ease shine. The diameter is 16mm in the mouthpiece. Approved bit by USEF/USDF competition. Use it for training and in competition. The bit design provides the rider with a very responsive horse, with a little added control for those moments when you need it. There is a tiny dimple in the comfort sized lozenge that also encourages salivation and the lozenge is well sized to fit the horse's tongue comfortably. A classic with some good extra benefits here thanks to the Cupreon.


Non toxic and highly palatable for the horse and the bit has good durability due to the special alloy in the Cupreon - nickel free bit too.


Used especially for horses that are tough to steer and turn, the Full Cheek is the most extreme type of corrective cheek piece that can commonly be found on a snaffle. With a small ring fixed to the mouthpiece on a swivel joint, and two arms extending above and below the mouthpiece, the main purpose of this bit is to exert lateral pressure on the horse's mouth. When one side of the bit is pulled, as in turning, the opposite side presses against a broad section of the lips and cheeks. This can be particularly useful with horses that are having difficulty learning to respond properly to direct rein pressure, and can sometimes help correct horses who tip their heads trying to evade direct rein pressure. One of the biggest dangers with full cheek snaffles is that posed by the lengthy arms.  Getting hooked on something can cause terrible harm, even to the horse's nostrils as well as the horse's mouth.


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