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Cupreon Loose Ring French Roller Link 16mm Mikmar.
| Horse Bit of Cupreon with Loose Ring French Roller Link 16mm Horse Bit from Mikmar. Very useful to keep the horse with the busy mouth peaceful. Pacifiers for horses!

The non toxic Cupreon Copper is an advanced product that encourages salivation and certainly makes the horse relax. Do you have a horse that constantly fusses with the bit? Then this unique French Roller Link may be just the pacifier that your horse needs. With the soft loose ring action on the cheek and the double jointed style you gain control without abuse.

There is no nutcracker action or palate interference as in a jointed snaffle due to the double jointed action and extreme tongue pinching is reduced. and excessive pressure to the corners of the mouth is lessened. Horse will have a softer mouth with this bit and the Cupreon Copper encourages salivation and contentment.

$68.90 On Sale! $55.90

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