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Backcountry Basics Mike Kinsey.
Backcountry Basics Mike Kinsey.
Trail riding is one of the most popular horseback activities, yet few riders have the knowledge and experience to properly prepare their horses at home for the challenges along the trail. As a result, these riders encounter behavioral problems with their horses that put them in dangerous situations and prevent them from enjoying their wilderness adventures to the fullest. 

American Quarter Horse Association Professional Horseman Mike Kinsey of Belton, S.C., has teamed up with Western Horseman Senior Editor Jennifer Denison to create Backcountry Basics. This problem-solving handbook, based on the award-winning series that ran in the magazine, is for recreational trail riders, but any rider can benefit from Kinsey’s techniques and have a more reliable, responsive mount.

Kinsey specializes in preparing horses and riders for recreational trail riding, as well as in turning misguided mounts into willing team members. In this book, the horseman shares his proven insights on equine psychology and horsemanship as they apply to handling a trail prospect. Kinsey also offers practical, no-nonsense solutions to common behavioral problems on the trail, including refusals at water crossings and other obstacles, snacking along the trail, tantrums, kicking, spooking and jigging. Sections on tack, etiquette and different types of terrain round out this 20-chapter instructional reference.

Kinsey’s “tell it like it is” philosophy and step-by-step lesson plans in Backcountry Basics gradually develop your horse’s trust, confidence and willingness. Once you achieve these attitudes, your backcountry experience becomes safer and more enjoya ble for you, your horse and everyone on the trail. copyrighted review: Lots of fantastic advice here that no-one in the backcountry should be without. A must read that will help you enjoy your time out on the trail to the maximum minimizing risks and discomforts along the way. From first aid to crossing obstacles to trailer ties and more. A good read with good production and photos to guide you along the track.

Paperback 211pp.
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