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Dog Mind Dog Body.
Dog Body Dog Mind. Dr. Michael Fox.
Dog Body Dog Mind. Dr. Michael Fox. Exploring Your Dog's Consciousness and Total Well-Being.

Dog behavior and care - including holistic approaches - from renowned vet and animal behaviorist Dr. Michael Fox. Lots of insight here into how to better understand and care for your dog. Covered topics include causes and explanations for dog behavior, training techniques that work, animal awareness and communication, dog affection and attachment.

Amazing stories of power dogs, how animals mourn and express grief, holistic care for health and behavior, trends in companion animal care, health and welfare. From topics like how to handle the home wrecker dog to our own spiritual development through true communication with our dogs - how they mirror ourselves - to health care topics such as water, how to prevent fleas and ticks naturally, nutrition.

A very interesting read that delves into how the dog thinks, how he communicates with other animals as well us ourselves, including a chapter on psychic animals and their senses and correcting behavioral problems in our dogs. Dr. Fox teaches us how to become fluent in dog speak - and it surprised me that even as a long time dog owner and animal owners how much I learned from this book. It really made sense, was very easy to put into practice and answered many questions I didn't even realize I had long ago accepted as part of owning a dog that I would never fully understand.

It is a really enjoyable read and one that covers our canine companions intelligently with great insight. An excellent combination of body and mind and a true holistic viewpoint. Recommended.

Dr. Michael Fox is one of America's best known veterinarians - he has authored more than forty books - and has a well loved nationally syndicated newspaper column Animal Doctor.
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