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Dressage a Guideline for Riders and Judges
Dressage a Guideline for Riders and Judges Wolfgang M. Niggli.

This is a tome of a book and jampacked with info for both rider and judges alike on exactly what needs to be shown in the ring to receive the highest marks. Logically divided into movements with comments on just when and what will constitute a 'satisfactory' remark or 'insufficient' or' excellent' the experience from one of the most highly regarded and well versed masters in dressage is indeed excellent.

From his Chairmanship of the FEI Committee after serving as O judge on numerous Olympic and International competition judging panels, Wolfgang Niggli brings not just the test riding here, but also a truly superbly documented history of dressage. Replete with lovely photos of the dressage stars of their day - and actual reprints of the actual GP tests of those days - through present date of publishing ( this is reprint 2005), and history of results at the major events.

Also a definitive journey through the test changes and the whys and wherefores of those changes, all texted in the charismatic tone of Mr. Niggli. A big help here to establish all judges with the aid to be very consistent in their task and also to riders who wish to have the competition edge by fully understanding the details of what constitutes each mark - a great educational resource. Recommended.


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