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Horse's Teeth
Horses' Teeth and their problems by Dr. Kai Kreling
An accurate and detailed guide to the well being of your horses' teeth and treatment options.Many of us have learned the hard way the importance of the health of our horses' teeth. Whether your equine partner is happy in his work and bitting to whether or not he is able to properly able to digest his food diminishing his risk for colic, these are aspects of dental care that we know something about. In this book dr. Kai Kreling has opened the door, or mouth, on the many other issues that can come about. Diseases and alternative treatment options are discusses as well as the dentist tools. The first course of action in the event of injury, age determination, the anatomy of the entire mouth and tooth structures plus when and why and how the teeth should be examined. Also included some neat case studies and a handy reference guide to deterinine cause of common symptoms.

Useful for the horse owner/trainer as well as the budding dentist student/vet. Good book. Recommended reading.

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