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Is There a Problem, Officer
Is There a Problem, Officer?
Is There a Problem, Officer? A Cop's Inside Scoop on Avoiding Traffic Tickets. Officer Steve Pomper. review: The wit in this book had me rolled up laughing. This Officer certainly has a way with words. Steve Pomper brings you some great wit and humor to an event that many of us have experienced at one time or another. Namely the unwelcome siren and sight of flashing blue lights. Want to avoid having a ticket dished out? Steve Pomper provides you with insight into the best way to handle the situation.

Do you deny fault? What encourages an officer to let you off with a kindly warning? Naturally it would be better to not be in the wrong in the first place, but given human nature it's not likely to happen that way throughout your driving career. Everyone makes mistakes. Real life anecdotes and illustrative cartoons throughout the book have you turning avidly through each page. At the end of it, you come out with a better appreciation for the job the officers face everyday and also a much better idea of how to handle yourself effectively even when you have messed up. A super read and excellent book for any driver.

Softcover. 212pp
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