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Selecting The Dressage Horse
Selecting The Dressage Horse Dirk Willem Rosie Anky Van Grunsven
Anky van Grunsven Dressage Horse Selection. Great Advice here.

It is sad that from time to time we must retire or lose our equine partners due to age or illness or disease. it is even sad when we develop so much as riders we feel we have outgrown our otherwise super horse. When these moments come it is wise to reexamine the horse we wish to buy. For any dressage rider in that point of time, this book is highly recommended reading. As a breeder of dressage horses it is also an important tool. review: In her usual very down to earth mode and generous nature Anky here adds her notes and comments to a very very thorough text with great diagrams and photographic inspiration on just what you need to know to select the best dressage mount for you. Whether you are an experienced trainer, breeder or competitor the help here is clear cut and often surprising, even to an old hand. The eyes play tricks, details interesting there. The movement and conformation issues are discussed and footfall, pushing versus carrying power, temperament and so many more issues are well resourced, validaated by the best in their field - sorry for the pun- and Dr katherine Visser-Riedstra has done an awesome job with her survey of top rides and horses. How important is sociability in your horse? Why? Where does the length of the horse's hind leg or his lion connection matter?

Before investing in one more horse we highly recommend this book. Everyone on The Horse Studio learned something valuable here and it was very well received on our house review. Dirk Willem Rosie has done a superb job at filling in for all of us the details that will help make our selection a wise one, not just for the high powered competitor, but for every dressage rider.

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