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The Rider's Pain Free Back
The Rider's Pain Free Back , great help here.
Everyone here at The Horse Studio Team reviewed this book and everyone is adopting one or more of the suggested remedies to help with their riding. A big favorite here - loved this book.

Super specialist James Warson here brings you answers most of us need at some time or other during our horse riding careers - Whether you are riding, trimming feet, saddling or lugging hay it all takes it's toll. If you want to get back on top and prevent as well as overcome chronic soreness, injury or aging then this is the book for you.

Very detailed and thorough text, easy to understand, highly readable and very very useful. Dr. Warson begins with Back basics, contributors and causes of pain - the normal back -the aching back - a complete diagnostic tool for everyone - from neoplasms to vascular issues, to saddle suggestions for pregnant riders. He then addresses specific riding disciplines from saddle seat and cutting to dressage and reining. Some super advice here on selecting the right horse for your back. having diagnosed your own issue you can go on to the remedies - a great discussion on how your back joins with the horse - all sorts of considerations covered - tack-movement e.g. high steppers and vertical movement. Remedies include some specific exercises, stretches and flexibility work, and a frank chat about sticking to the program. As you surely rush to remedy issues with your horse using hot and cold treatment, meds over the counter and prescription and debate surgical issues so here Dr. Warson brings you succinct answers to what you should be doing for you - alternative methods are discussed, magnetics, braces, disc injections, acupuncture and acupressure, yoga and tai chi - pilates/surgery and much more. Whether it's doing the 'spider crawl' exercise for scoliosis, a common issue or a hip problem or sciatica that needs to be addressed - great help here.Then a in depth review of preventing injuries - proper mounting, weekend riding, fear related body use.

A superb book and extremely helpful from one of most renowned neuro/back surgeons who specialized in equine related back injuries and issues throughout his career. Ami Hendrickson brings her superior style and writing experience and the photographs and diagrams are very helpful. A high quality production. Highly Recommended.

Hardback: 2007 release
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