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Training Pointing Dogs
Training Pointing Dogs 2nd Edition Paul Long.
Dog Training, Bird Dog and bird retrieval

This is a very useful book for anyone wishing to learn how to train their dog to hunt - even if the dog might sometimes march to his own program - problem dogs as well as the novice puppy are well discussed here with some of the best and most productive, easy to follow training methods around.

Paul Long had a wry sense of humor which is evident throughout the book - during his life he suffered a disability which he managed to overcome to shoot even better than a person with two useful hands. As a result he learned to train his dogs to hunt by planting birds rather than trying to work with wild ones. The results were fantastic. He takes you through his tried and tested methods here - and he loved a challenge. So if you have a dog that is semi trained but not performing up to par - then the help you need is here. Just some of the topics covered are:- Puppies - selection, whipping as a discipline, food, training him yourself, basic commands, electronic trainers, anticipating dogs intentions. Preschool - leash training, sight pointing, running off at pick up time, quartering, check cord, whistles, getting the puppy birdy and pointing, working close on birds. Elementary Education - yard training, sitting and dropping, electronic trainer, introducing the gun.

Higher Learning - conditioning before training, liberated birds, how to set birds, electronic timer in bird training, reaction to first shock, making a dog staunch, steadying to wing and shot, backing and retrieving. Problems - Gunshyness, running too wide, catwalking on pint, wildness after frequent finds, trailing birds too fast, trailing another dog, running the track, running to gallery, flagging on point, pointing dead, dropping off point, biting birds, running off with bird, destroying birds,jumping in, seeing birds on ground, sulking after correction, slipping collar when chained, safety in open truck, night barking without cause, parasites and ailments. Plus what makes a good grouse dog, working off season, when to breed a male, penning versus chaining, trainer's signature and training as a career.

A super handy book for the hunter - who wants to be the dog trainer and ensure great success out in the field. Lots of wit and good help here all for a nominal price.
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