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Training the Sport Horse
Training the Sport Horse. Christopher Bartle.
Training the Sport Horse. Christopher Bartle with Gillian Newsum. Dressage Cross Country Jumping.

One of my all time favorite riders I have long admired the work and the techniques and attitude of international competitor, Olympian and coach Christopher. The Bartle family, extremely well respected have had a long history of success with their training format. This is a lovely quality book from UK Publisher J Allen full of plenty of photographic delights to take the reader through the extensive text.

Along with his own multiple wins including Badminton on Word perfect in 1998 - Christopher has trained countless riders in all disciplines and this book is a wonderful resource. Christopher's ethic of taking responsibility on both sides of the human/equine partnership is a core of his training program. The book therefore aptly begins with a chapter on Partnership and Responsibility. He then demonstrates The Rider - the physical elements like posture, dexterity and knowledge/biomechanics of communication , mental elements and feel and experience. Some very helpful analogies here - the bow of the horses back becomes similar to the bow on a fishing rod with a fish on the line - keep your radio switched on at all times. Some super Brit humor winds happily in the text and keeps a smile in your heart as you continue to read on. Make no mistake - there is a wealth of information here. It is written with good nature and tact and with an ease that speaks to his wealth of experience training people as well as horses.

Then The Horse - nursery school through secondary school - zone exercises and tips for each exercise to help the rider pinpoint exactly what they need to focus on each step of the way. Before you know it you are on jumping and learning thing like how not to collapse on the horses neck after taking a big bank - common faults are remedied and Christopher takes you neatly and in his no fuss way from cavaletti to oxers - that just about cover Part 1.

Part 2 of the book brings you to more advanced work - collection - elementary through intermediate - i.e.pirouettes to canter voltes and piaffe - Then secondary school - this part covers bascule exercises, bounces, grids for straightness work, jumping to the inside of midline fences and the like. A great help here for improving the horse foreleg technique. Then the most superb chapter on cross country. Ditches, narrow fences, water through walking the course. For the record, Christopher's training greatly influenced by his work with the Cadre Noir - of course work with his mother Nicole Bartle, training with Olympic gold medalist Hans Blixen-Finecke - 6 yrs on the British dressage team - nationals wins with Wily Trout ( what a trouper he was and just a teeny bit hot)) gold medal at the European championships, dressage trainer to the British 3 day team at Atlanta and Sydney Olympics - trainer to German 3 day team at Athens Olympics and somewhere found time back in 1998 to win Badminton. Quite the resume - and as you'd expect this book brings great knowledge and help to the reader as a result.

Gillian Newsum has authored four books and rides with the Fitzwilliam Hunt and events too.

A super resource for any rider at any level. Highly recommended reading and easy to assimilate info here.
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