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What Horses do for Us
What Horses do for Us. Wendy Jago.
Rider/trainer/psychotherapist shows us professional insights into the horse human connection. An exploration of the gifts horses give us when we allow ourselves to listen. review: Wendy Jago clearly knows her stuff. This book is beautifully produced, elegantly written and provides useful communication techniques. This British trainer/rider and expert in NLP ( neuro linguistic programming), showcases many answers to how to be the best rider and communicator with a horse that you can possibly be. It's an awesome read. While many of us from all walks of life are sometimes inexplicably drawn to the horse perhaps you've wondered why some horses seem to prefer you to others? Maybe you've wondered how folks like Monty Roberts seem to create an immediate affinity with horses? Maybe you work with horses that are used as therapy partners for humans and would like to do a better job? The answers are all here. To savor just a few: The exercise of morality and the gift of engagement, your place in the herd, the gift of self acceptance, the gift of spaciousness. This book is truly an exploration of our relationship with the horse and major ways we can advance our work with any horse by just directing our energy or body language in certain ways. Lots of specific advice that is down to earth, easy to assimilate and to put to work. I think Wendy Jago has done a fine job with this book. A must read for any horse owner who wants to learn some horse sense and very revealing of self!

Hardcover. 163pp Published by J Allen UK
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