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Your Polo Game.
Your Polo Game. Frederic Roy
Frederic Roy, horseman and polo player as well as author of a history of New York, introduced a new version of polo rules specifically geared to facilitate a polo game being played in a stadium. Frederic has trained with Memo Gracida and the renowned George Oliver - and knows the game well. This idea came to him as a way of making the game more accessible to those avid polo aficionados and future players a chance to compete and enjoy the game in a field half the size of a regular field. The rules regulate the horsepower available for use by teams in tournaments and the the entry level is thus affordable. While this manner of play can be taken on the regular polo field with success and is practiced in USA, Canada, Japan and England - indeed enjoys quite a thorough following - it really is designed for the stadium - and offers up some sincere excitement. It is also perhaps a little safer to play and therefore makes a good starting ground.

In this book Frederic Roy takes you through how to read horses, how to play the game and how to enjoy the action. Beginning with a comparison of rules, polo history and challenges it then gallops in to the way to get started with the new rules. How to work off the backline, be on the attack, and defense and set plays are covered, plus tactics for scoring, passing, and ball control - what gives the winning advantage after all? At play his discusses aids and motion- from attempting two pointers to scoring in heavy traffic - from the four basic shots to picking up the striker's line. Lots of diagramatic help here and any player who may be starting out will enjoy the succinct approach on all the moves here. I have to confess to never having attended a Stadium Polo Game but it looks a lot of fun and the rule changes are clever adapting the sport to a larger audience and probably setting the stage for a broader appeal to the youth of today. This book is not a high quality production - but the content is very concise and the section on aids an easy go to section for the starting player who wants to position his horse positively for a good outcome. Go ahead and have a lot of fun - Frederic Roy's universal approach to the game is very useful.
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