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Pressure Proof Your Riding Daniel Stewart

Mental Training Techniques to Gain Confidence and Get Motivated So You (and Your Horse) Achieve Peak Performance Daniel Stewart Copyrighted Review:-
Mind-blowing. Daniel Stewart has done a wicked good job of taking a complex subject and making it truly accessible. The cartoon illustrations bring great mental images and humor, which naturally help you retain the thoughts. I used to follow Jane Savoie and also the In Search of Your Image by Hassler, and thought these  were good resources. But Daniel has brought a delightfully fresh and insightful look at how to gain confidence and stay motivated.   " It's not what you look at but what you see," is a great quote from the book and there are so many others that also really make you think about how you think. A nice production here ( as usual), from the publishing house of Trafalgar and don't be fooled, there is some serious in depth psychological advice here. It is just so cleverly put together both in text and layout that you find yourself learning and channeling without even trying. Highly recommended and hats off to both the editor and author of this book.

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Sport psychology expert and international riding coach Daniel Stewart has spent a lifetime training equestrian athletes to Pressure Proof their riding. In this book, he shares dozens of specific tools and tricks that can be used to manage the stress, nerves, distraction, and panic that so often hinder performance. You’ll find clearly defined, individual steps to mental and physical success in the saddle, including: ways to strengthen mental imagery and handle “brain babble”; goal-setting tools; stress management tips; relaxation techniques; and so much more.

Perhaps best of all, Daniel reminds readers that riding is about “doing what you love, and loving what you do.” His humor and enthusiasm are certain to inspire, invigorate, and ensure a lifetime of goals attained and fun had with your horse.
Daniel Stewart has been a successful international trainer and instructor for over 20 years. He’s trained riders in the United States, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Greece, and the West Indies. From 2000 to 2006 he coached riders on several US Equestrian Teams to success at World Championships, World Equestrian Games, and Olympics.

Daniel is widely considered one of the world’s leading experts on equestrian sport psychology, biomechanics, and athletics. He teaches clinics and seminars to thousands of riders each year and is a popular guest speaker at many national and international conventions. When not on the road teaching his Pressure Proof clinics, Daniel lives in Naples, Florida.

192 pp and 25 color photos


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