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  The art of dressage is alive and well and The Horse Studio is dedicated to bringing you the best dressage tack, saddle pads and dressage equestrian apparel, dressage training DVDs and horse books for the discerning dressage rider. Looking for a specific item? Click on the department link, i.e. Books, DVDs etc.



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FITS A615 White FITS Breech Performax White All Season Front Zip

Show your heart out in comfort with the white Performax comfort breech from FITS. Fashioned after the core of Fun in the Saddle line up, this is the wonderful all season segmented full seat breech. This white on white color fabric with perforated deerskin provides the ultimate comfort in all weathers. The fabric is smooth so repels hair and dirt, wicks in summer and is truly comfortable and durable. This is the breech features classic styling and elegance with a zip front, anti-fatigue compression fabric, powermesh ab panel and calf, and patented gusseted crotch.
For the perfect look don't forget your Wunderbreech!.............. (click on image for full details)



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The Quest for Lightness in Equitation. The Quest for Lightness in Equitation. Alexis-Francois L'Hotte.
990474 Copyrighted Review:-I recently read that the French School was dead....that the German training has by now so dominated dressage training in the modern day that the French school is no longer detectable......... (click on image for full details)
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Just Paul Ingrid Klimke Just Paul Ingrid Klimke The Making of a Dressage Horse

Part 1: The first year of training Ingrid Klimke Copyrighted Review: A great look at both the ups and downs of training the dressage horse from the wonderful Ingrid Klimke. An excellent quality production, with Paul Stecken bringing some great insights into how to overcome the variety of problems truly talented youngsters ( in fact all young horses) can pose for even the most experienced riders. The DVD walks you through working at home, test runs for the show and the first show experience, which included two riders in the arena riding the same test at the same time. Also included footage of taking Just Paul out in company for a hack. A job well done and look forward to the next DVD to see how things are taken forward, pardon the pun........(click on image for full details)


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Dressage Goes East Gift Set Dressage Goes East Gift Set.
1. Riding with Chi. Your Pathway to Energy Mastery. A unique guide to discovering and mastering energy flow, or CHI, for riders of all abilities and disciplines. 2 Disc set with exercises for the rider.
2. Dressage a Guideline for Riders and Judges by F.E.I. Olympic Judge Wolfgang M. Niggli.
3. Horse Riding Vest in Pretty Pearl Blue............(click on image for full details)

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The Alchemy of Lightness The Alchemy of Lightness Dominique Barbier
What Happens Between Horse and Rider on a Molecular Level And How It Helps Achieve the Ultimate Connection Dominique Barbier & Dr. Maria Katsamanis Within these pages lies an ambitious study of the interplay of mechanisms put in motion when man and horse meet, communicate, and ultimately become one. Dominique Barbier and Dr. Maria Katsamanis examine how “lightness” is generated, using the simple and elegant basics of the universe—atoms and molecules—which exist all around us. Scientific findings and theoretical underpinnings allow us to better understand how lightness with a horse occurs—and how to harness it........(click on image for full details)

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Riding Shirt Light Blue Charlotte Jorst Kastel Denmark Riding Shirt Light Blue Charlotte Jorst

The Charlotte SPF 30 ultra-violet protection, long sleeve, zip-neck shirt is designed with technical features that add comfort to performance. Breathable patterned lightweight material wicks away heat with 92% nylon/8% spandex.   Skin stays protected from sun damage and leading technology provides you with the highest level of moisture control.  Odors are eliminated with our exclusive anti-bacterial fabric.............. (click on image for full details)

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Oldenburg Lovers Gift Set. Oldenburg Lovers Gift Set.

1. Donnerhall Oldenburg Stallion. Private Moments. Portrait of an exceptional horse. DVD.
2. Dressage Masters Ernst Hoyos George Theodorescu Klaus Balkenhol Ewe Shulten Baumer. Superb advice here from the world's most renowned modern day horse masters.
3. Oldenburg Breed Collectible Glass Ornament. Use it as a light catcher by the window or a Christmas tree decoration.............(click on image for full details)


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Show scheduler Show scheduler with erasable board and pen.
When you have that flimsy piece of paper pinned to the tack room wall or the horse trailer window you find it escapes you or becomes wet and unreadable. Turn to this highly visible board instead. Add your horse's class times and dates, ring and class number and horse/rider combo. In this way you can keep your Team working on schedule and alleviate the costly and worrying delays of someone not knowing the where and when of your event............. (click on image for full details)


Isabell Werth Show Shirt Isabell Werth Show Shirt Barcelona Save $30
Isabell Werth Equestrian Couture: Isabell Werth Show Shirt with South Of France blue stripes offers chic elegance and subtle color. This short sleeve design show blouse provides an especially elegant touch with the light South of France blue stripe. The excellent quality means the stand up collar has an added button finish neatly offset so it doesn't get in your way, and the loops in the back of the collar keep your stock from riding up as you proceed through the test............ (click on image for full details)
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Dressage Salt and Pepper Set Dressage Salt and Pepper Set.
Pretty and practical this salt and pepper shaker set draw your eye as you dine, adding a nice touch to the dining room. Makes the perfect inexpensive gift for the holidays or birthdays too.............. (click on image for larger picture)


Smartphone Case Smartphone Case Neoprene Protection Belt Clip Dressage Design

A fun way to showcase your love of dressage and to protect your investment in a smartphone. Neoprene protection with belt loop and clip attachment plus velcro closure for quick and easy access.This large smartphone case fits the IPhone, Droid DNA and Galaxy4S. Inside dimensions are 5.5 inches x 3.25 inches x 0.5 inches. Machine wash/drip dry..........(click on image for more details)


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IPad Case. IPad Case. Dressage.
Padded microfibre case holds IPad and opens to be a stand. Show your love of dressage as you tote your Ipad around town. Review:- A fun way to showcase your passion for horses while at the same time providing a fully functional protection and stand for the Ipad. We also have a showjumping design if dressage is not your particular passion.........(click on image for larger picture)
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Riding Breech Kentucky City Black/Crystal Kentucky Riding Breech Kentucky City Black/Crystal

Dive into some bling this season with this super smart German full seat breech in black with real Swarowski crystal accents on the front and back pockets. This breech is made of a lightweight 122 fabric that stretches well and offer good breathability for the warmer weather. This fabric is slightly lighter weight than the Kentucky New York City breech.  The full seat is made of Clarino................(click on image for full details)


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Polo Wraps Extra Long. Horse Polo Wraps Luxury Fleece Extra Long. Set of 4.
Horse Polo Wraps Best Quality Luxury Fleece Extra Long Non Pilling Fleece Set of 4

Note: Sorry we are currently out of stock of light blue. See other listings for more color options. Horse Polo Wraps vary widely in their quality and design and team have searched far and wide to bring you the best of the best here at a very reasonable price....... (click on image for full details)

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Stock Tie Dressage Stock Tie, Ready Tied. Waffle Pique100% cotton with velcro.
Always ready to go and ready to show with this ready tied stock tie for the rider with no time to waste. The fit is always good, washability is excellent and the price is reasonable. ............ (click on image for full details)
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Dressage Whip Dressage Horse Whip Silver Spiral 43"
Super special intro price for this new item. This whip has a nice firm/stiff touch and has a very elegant silver color spiral through the non slip black velour handle. Imported from Germany an elegant and very functional dressage whip. Length approx 43 inches which includes the 4 inch lash. ....... (click on image for full details)
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Rudolf Zeilinger 5 DVD set Rudolf Zeilinger 5 DVD set. Schooling a Horse.
Take advantage of the discount price for the entire set here - super set containing all you need to know start to finish - amazing how quickly these horses come along with Rudy's quiet and happy approach - calm and confident and consistent. As a student of the amazing Willi Schultheis and an instructor as well as competitor of Olympic and World Championship horses - take advantage and gain the edge on your competition......... (click on image for full details)

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Advanced Dressage Training Jo Hinnemann Advanced Dressage Training
Coach of Ulla Saltzgeber and Heike Kemmer here brings your his expertise with starting the young dressage horse and super help for your dressage training and riding. VOl 2...... (click on image for full details)

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