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The Horse Studio has driving DVDs and books on a variety of driving topics. Carriage driving advice from how to start your horse in harness and ground work to how to compete at the top echelons of the sport. HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Sallie Walrond, Velstra and many other great names of the sport offer superior help in how to do it right.

Also some unique gifts that every horse driving enthusiast will enjoy.



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sunglasses driving sunsensor SSG SSG Sunglasses Sunsensor Driving

New ProductThese glasses feature special sunsensor lenses and darken in bright sunlight, lighten when inside the barn or night driving. Handcrafted scratch resistant safety glass lenses.

Frame color is black.............. (click on image for larger picture)



thedrivingcertificateFEI.jpg The Driving Certificate. Following FN training guidelines.

This DVD includes both parts 1 and 2 of the training guidelines of the Federation Equestre nationale FN.

This two-part DVD film, following the training guidelines of the German National Equestrian Federation (FN), is an absolute necessity for driving newcomers. It offers information about basic driving training and driving knowledge. Its logical, practical steps to training yourself and your horse to drive make it indispensable to the aspiring driver and an excellent teaching resource........(click on image for full details)

$49.95 On Sale! $44.95

hammill3.jpg Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Series Volume 3
Doc Hammill's Horsemanship Series Volume 3: Fundamentals of gentle and effective techniques for working horses in harness. The topics included here are veterinary in nature as well as training methods. Vet Doc Hammill takes you through hooking up lines for both single and team harness and shows you how to pull and hold back the harness horse. He demonstrates how to control the team and how to learn finesse with the lines that will keep your horses happy and obedient. Additionally other harness aspects and tack fit are covered such as attaching doubletrees, use of the same strap versus fastener, a horse drawn grader in action, a review of knots, how to work with a horse that follows too closely plus advice on preparing the horse for the farrier and the nature of foot care of the equine....... (click on image for full details)
$49.95 On Sale! $47.95

SSG Gator Grip Gloves Riding performance gloves from SSG. The Gator Grip.
Riding performance gloves from SSG.

The Gator grip brings you high performance comfort and durability for the toughest course. In Black and Tan. Well loved by eventers and drivers these gloves have earned their excellent reputation. Their breathable no sweat palm and back and lattice work overlay palm provides a sterling grip. The key reinforcement also offers double rein handling for the dressage schooling rider who wants to keep track of the big warmblood moving forward.......... (click on image for full details)

$29.95 On Sale! $22.95


Carriage Horse Driving China Coasters. Carriage Horse Driving China Coasters.
A set of six pretty coasters will enhance your dining table or coffee table and protect your furniture too. Set out these pretty horse driving design coasters and add a touch of elegance to your decor. We also have a set with horse driving/hunt whip if you want to add another set and mix designs............. (click on image for full details)

$48.00 On Sale! $38.00


competitiondrivingshoe.jpg Competition Carriage Driving On A Shoestring. Jinny Johnson
This is a book with special assistance for the novice single horse or pony driver - how to enter and compete in combined driving on a shoestring. From Uk Publisher J Allen, and written by the well respected driving commissioner Jinny Johnson...... (click on image for full details)

$19.95 On Sale! $15.95

trydrivingtrials.jpg Try Driving Trials.
A frank look at the history of the sport through vintage footage through to modern day. If you've ever thought of trying carriage driving competition, this DVD will convince you that the sport is entirely accessible to everyone........(click on image for full details)
$34.95 On Sale! $29.95

hammill4.jpg Doc Hammill's Fundamentals Driving Working Horses Harness. Vol 4.
811050 review: As you head off into the woods with your horse in harness it is sage advice to learn some safety and basics first. There are lots of surprises in store out there and learning Doc Hammills methods may help ensure the safety of you and your horse before you go. There are two hours of material here and a wealth of information on a range of topics. Vet Doc Hammill and Master Horseman Tom Triplett guide you deftly through how to teach your horse...... (click on image for full details)
$49.95 On Sale! $45.95

Velstra Driving School Tjeerd Velstra Part 2. Velstra Driving School Tjeerd Velstra Part 2.
Who wouldn't wish to sit next to twice Four In hand Driving World Champion Tjeerd and have the benefit of his sound advice as they confront the issues that training and working your horse in harness may produce? This is a very detailed look at aspects of driving the four in hand team, and explains the 'velstra' Achenbach method ( see our book listed on this subject), and the two hand system........(click on image for full details)
$39.95 On Sale! $35.95

competitiondrive1.jpg Competition Driving. Part 1. Carriage Driving help from world experts.
Part 1 Preparation and Training Of The Horse.

Take a seat and enjoy the expert advice here from many of the world's leading and most renowned drivers and learn how to best prepare your horse for competition. This is a visual guideline on the subjects of competition equipment, registration of horses, preliminary badge and driving license as well as the present entry system for competitive equestrian sport......... (click on image for full details)

$39.95 On Sale! $31.95

Competition Carriage Driving Competition Carriage Driving HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
This is the revised and enlarged edition and is super witty and full of great tips and insights. From HRH Duke Of Edinburgh this title covers all experience in the combined field from preparation through success in competition.......(click on image for full details)
$45.00 On Sale! $42.95

driving harness Driving A Harness Horse Step-by-Step Guide Walrond
990490 Copyrighted Review:- This book is a very helpful resource from one of the most renowned and respected driving professionals and driving judges Sallie Walrond. This is a high quality production book from J. Allen of the UK of the British legend Sally and she has once again put her knowledge in the hands of the amateur or professional with great generosity....... (click on image for full details)
$35.95 On Sale! $28.95

Driving and Judging Dressage Driving and Judging Dressage from HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh.
Super help for those beginning driving dressage who want to better understand exactly what the judges see and how they can best present their horse and carriage in the best balance to be successful in this phase of competition. A great book for anyone that is presenting their horse in the driving dressage ring or judging the same, and HRH openly admits his strong point is not in the cross country phase as a highly regarded competitor at the top level of the sport, but in the cones and dressage phase. He discusses here the FEI rules, problems that both judges and drivers alike face, and how to best mark a competitor fairly....... (click on image for full details)
$22.95 On Sale! $18.95

Judging Carriage Driving Judging Carriage Driving from World Class Judge Sallie Walrond.
Judging Carriage Driving from World Class Judge Sallie Walrond. A book designed to bridge the gap between competitor and judge in the horse driving arena. This is a help for all Whips that are interested in furthering their careers with complete understanding of the procedures related to all sorts of carriage driving. Every conceivable type of class is covered: carts; coaches; mountain and moorland; donkeys; junior Whips; disabled drivers; horse driving trials. Also judging systems of the USA, Australia, UK and New Zealand are covered....... (click on image for full details)

encyclopediaofdriving.jpg The Encyclopedia of Carriage Driving Sallie Walrond
It is of course an excellent Britannica for the horse driver but also a fun cover to cover educational read. This is a valuable reference guide that you will return to again and again and you can be sure when you do the answer will be found within the pages here. It includes full details of handling of the whip and reins, for single, pair, tandem, team driving, vehicles and their aspects, harness all types and details and easily provides a super read even from cover to cover as the illustrations are very good and the items to be learned including historical figures very interesting. ...... (click on image for full details)
$42.00 On Sale! $34.95

competitiondriving3.jpg Competition Driving Advanced Training Part 3. DVD.
This is Part 3 (of a 3 part set) and is designed to stand alone also. This third film helps you to perfect the training of driving horses with a view to competing at intermediate and advanced levels....... (click on image for full details)

$39.95 On Sale! $32.95

trakehner.jpg Trakehner Horses in the 21st Century ON SALE Save 40%
Super warmblood DVD, great entertainment and education.This a superb DVD from the wonderful cinematography of Tonjes and Vogel - scenery is awesome, some of the footage of the trakehners is seen here for the first time - private pictures. Todays dressage stallions Solero and Gribaldi to the private pics of Caprimond and Hohenstein, Kostolany and Sixtus - Event World Champion Grafenstolz and other stallions shown in action. ...... (click on image for full details)

$39.95 On Sale! $23.97

thisiscompetitioncarriagedriving.jpg This is Competition Carriage Driving.
Visit coaching at Royal Windsor then follow the world of driving sport at Ashfield's Carriage and Polo Center in the UK. review. If you love carriage driving or have ever thought you'd like to give it a go then you'll love this DVD.The multiple interviews with competitors, grooms and helpers and event stewards gives a great insight and tips for the viewer........(click on image for full details)


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