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Cor De La Bryere
Cor De La Bryere History of A Showjumping Legend ON SALE

Huge Discount. Copyrighted Review:- A Film Portrait About an Outstanding Sire. Holsteiner Legend.The main influence of the entire Holstein breed this superb French sire brought everything to the table. Athletic and full of heart, a true talent in show jumping who had the master 'stamp' across a wide range of mare lines to produce such other legends as Classic Touch, Calvaro, Corrado, and also dressage champions such as the great Corlandus, and Chacomo, to name but just a few. Discussed his own qualities, where was he found and his life story. His qualities and those of his offspring are well covered as well as how he was to live with - to ride- and some super interviews with those important people in his life. So many stallion dynasties have been created from this super horse - and this is a tribute that inspires any breeder to follow the lines and any rider to cherish the bloodline in his or her own horse. Lots of lovely cinematography as you would expect - from this super director and producer. Imported from Germany but in English and with superior coverage of all this horse. Definitive one for the library.

Recommended. NTSC North America Canada format DVD Cor de la Bryere stood at stud in Holstein, Germany, beginning in 1971. The French horse became a legend as he influenced the modern Holstein breed like no other stallion. This important stallion "stamped" his offspring, and through his various influential sons, he created several different show jumping dynasties. His offspring have an excellent reputation in the international sport scene, and include Olympic show jumping champion Classic Touch, Calvaro, and Corrado, as well as the dressage horses Chacomo and Corlandus.1 This DVD tracks Cor de la Bryere's career, which is closely linked with the history of the Holstein breed. Who discovered this exceptional stallion? And where and how? Was he good to ride? What kind of personality did he have? What are his main qualities and those of his offspring? The people who surrounded this horse offer insight into his incredible career. The DVD includes a special look at the stallion that is today represented in 80 percent of all Holstein pedigrees — Cor de la Bryere in his last year of life, still vigorous, powerful, and legendary.
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