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My Horse Pulls Back
My Horse Pulls Back John Lyons

Horse Training. Teach your horse to tie and stand calmly, to be responsive to the bridle, to accept things around his feet and legs; and recondition your horse to yield softly to pressure and not pull back. My Horse Pulls Back: John Lyons DVD.


John Lyons, world renowned and world class horse trainer, brings you a series of lessons that you can approach everyday in logical sequence working with your horse on the ground. You will see learn round pen basics to gain better control of your horse, ground work to improve his responsiveness to the bridle, and a progressive series of exercises to recondition your horse if he likes to pull back when tied or panic with items flapping about his legs.


The DVD includes: Advanced Round Pen: Spook in Place ( always a solid bonus); Turn and face You; Accept Things Around Legs; Dragging Scary Objects ( Wow, learned a lot here); Ropes around Hind Quarters; Tarps, Dragging and Coming Towards the Horse; Bridle Responsiveness: Leading Improvement. review: Wow. I've had a horse that panics at just about every interval and this work really works. He came to me nervous and high strung, intelligent and ill understood. I've been working with this program and am very impressed with the change in my horse. He's not only in better control, but also is gaining some needed weight as he learns to relax with life. I'm actually really surprised at how well the retraining worked. We're heading off to the trail next and following the John Lyons trail series to work on his spooking and exuberant behavior when out with other horses. Loved it. Thank you John!


Duration 1:54hr NTSC North America/Canada format.


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