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Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider and The Horse's Respiratory System
Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider and The Horse's Respiratory System

Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider Copyrighted Review: 

This 3 DVD set is a fresh blast on the technical side of saddle fit and the health and well-being of both horse and rider. The esteemed Dr. Wade Tenney of Tufts University provides up to date information for the equestrian on medical analysis of the horse’s back and treatments. A surprising array of new methods of handling everything from kissing spines to supra-spinous ligament damage. There is ‘hands-on’ valuable advice presented in a down to earth manner from saddle designer Ron Friedson. His no-nonsense approach was refreshing indeed. It’s nice to know that we don’t necessarily need to spend the earth on a custom made saddle and interesting to note that buying used tack can become more expensive than buying new.


Fitting every variety of horse/pony shapes and sizes is thoroughly addressed and Ron Friedson throws in lots of interesting history lessons for no extra charge. Very engaging. All disciplines are also discussed and there is more cross over between them than you might think.


Abigail Nemic, Director of Equine Studies at Post University posed some great questions and demonstrated how to ride a wider horse with a shorter stirrup to keep your seat correctly positioned and how to sit in just about every saddle imaginable and helped Ron Friedson test pilot several horses and saddles.


Our The Horse Studio team, who consider themselves experienced horse folk were very impressed with the content and everyone came away with more confidence in caring for their horse’s saddle needs.


Care of tack and the use of a variety of saddle pads are also covered. Additionally Mark Rarrick aptly presents the trainer’s perspective on the saddle fit topic.


While there is plenty of information out there regarding saddle fit and a wealth of advice on saddle fitters and the benefits of custom made saddle and special saddle pads and the like this DVD delivers a tome of knowledge that every rider truly should know. Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider provides valuable insight that brings you up to date on the trends, the practicalities of what to choose, how to fit not just the horse but also the rider.


This is four hours of education on 3 DVD discs that will enhance your understanding of saddle fit and most importantly will certainly address questions you might have regarding your horse’s possible behavioral issues and potential soundness damage that can be deflected by having a good working knowledge of saddle fit.


Copyright protected review: This review may be copies/published on condition that credit is given to with a URL link.

 Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider

 The Horse's Respiratory System

AWARD WINNING DVD: Won best educational DVD at the Equus NYC Film Festival 2015!Advanced Equine Studies is DVD programming created to bring artful and in-depth learning experiences to equestrians worldwide. This 5 ½ hour DVD study of The Horse’s Respiratory System is the first release in a series of DVDs that will explore all the bodily systems of the horse as well as other educational topics designed to give horse owners and caregivers the knowledge to ride and care for their horses with increased confidence.

An innovative forum for learning Advanced Equine Studies features equine-industry professionals presenting a comprehensive education on each topic. The production team has crafted a well-organized and easy-to-follow format hosted by equestrian Maureen VanDerStad.

Maureen’s experience to ask insightful questions ensures that each topic is accessible to the entire viewing audience. She says, “Our goal is to produce programs that satisfy the quest for knowledge for even the most skilled horseperson while also entertaining non-riders in the family.” She goes on, “Each disc is divided into 1 hour sessions to encourage the use of our programming in schools and also educational evenings at barns and clubs to promote the welfare of the horse.”

Advanced Equine Studies also allows you to test your knowledge on their website where you can earn certificates of completion for each topic of their programming. With DVDs priced to be part of everyone’s library this fascinating programming is something you will watch over and over for years to come. Copyrighted Review:-
A groundbreaking DVD that brings advanced equine studies right to you. We review thousands of equestrian DVDs here at and this DVD is without question, one of the best and most informative we've seen. It takes education to a whole other level. While this is the first in the series and focuses on the horse's respiratory system, I cannot wait to see more on myriad of horse health issues that are in the works in this series also. . As the saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know," but after viewing this DVD you will. Advanced Equine Studies provides a superb insight into keeping your horse fit and healthy. It is like going to vet school without the fees or having to figure out how to get in. As a horse owner and serious dressage competitor for over 40 years I thought I had a pretty good handle on all things respiratory in horses. Wrong. There was lots of keen information here. I have owned and competed horses whose outcomes and successes would definitely have been improved if I had this depth of knowledge. If I'd seen it before I had designed my barn there are definite changes I would have made to the plans too. Thanks to Mouse Hole Productions for bringing us this wealth of information. The material is advanced but is highly approachable. And, there is a lot of it. A fantastic resource for every horse owner, vet tech and college vet student. I thank you and so do my horses present and future for giving us access to this advanced level of medical knowledge.

Please note: This is a copyrighted review and may only be published elsewhere with credit clearly denoted as ", The International Equestrian Shop" and with a link to The Horse Studio website URL if published online. Thank you for respecting our copyright.

Advanced Equine Studies
The Horse’s Respiratory System
Table of Contents:

The Horse’s Respiratory System lets you sit in the classroom for lectures:
•    Respiratory Anatomy        ● Respiratory Functions
•    Energy Generation            ● Infectious Respiratory Diseases
•    Non-infectious Diseases        ● Parasites Affecting the Lungs
The Horse’s Respiratory System gives you a front row seat in the clinic for testing:
•    The Standing Endoscopy        ● The Treadmill Endoscopy
•    Lung Function Testing        ● The Bronchoalveolar Lavage
•    Specimen Processing        ● Specimen Analysis
The Horse’s Respiratory System takes you into the barn to learn about:
•    Creating a Healthy Environment for your Horse/in the Barn and Arena
•    Feeding for Respiratory Health/Feeding Horses with Respiratory Disease
The Horse’s Respiratory System has a lighter side with “Horse Chat” segments to teach:
•    How Breathing Works         The Horse’s Ability to Scent
•    The Cough Reflex             Controlling Ammonia Gas
•    Breath Holding in Horses          Taking the Respiration Rate
•    The Sounds Horses Make

The Horse’s Respiratory System also delves into interesting side topics:
•    Respiratory Locomotor Coupling     Collection and Airflow
•    The Girth and Respiration          Mucus Matters
•     General Q&A Discussions with topics too numerous to list
The Horse’s Respiratory System offers respiratory system related bonus programming:
•    More from John Blackburn: Renovating Existing Structures
•    Interview with author, trainer and clinician, Mark Russell discussing respiratory issues
•    Previews from other Mouse Hole Farms Productions books and DVDs. - also available here at

Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider. Sold Individually.

The Horse's Respiratory System. Sold Individually.

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