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Training and Owning Paso Finos. Gaits From God. Brenda Imus.
Training and Owning Paso Finos Gaits From God. Set of 3 DVDs. A super training tool for all gaited horses from expert Brenda Imus.

Here is a comprehensive set of 3 DVDs from leading clinician Brena Imus on the secrets of riding and owning gaited breeds. The Paso Finos, Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Foxtrotters and more are covered. Brenda Imus, well respected trainer of these breeds teaches you how to bring out the best in your horse. DVD 1 covers how to build a foundation for smoother more comfortable gaits with proper bitting, saddling, saddle fit and hoof care. Gaited equitation points are also covered. This DVD is a jampacked 75 minutes. DVD 2 teached you how to understand the gaits and conformation. The spectrum of the gaits, how to recognize conformational strengths and weaknesses which affect the smoothness of the gait. 51 minutes duration. DVD 3 Problem solving and gait training. How to handle bolting, rushing, balkiness, overflexing, star gazing, pacing and tortting habits, stumbling to name a few. 79 minute duration.

Brenda Imus Gaits From God DVD set is a very comprehensive explanation of all the ins and outs of gaited horse ownership. Discover your passion for these breeds through her wealth of knowledge and produce your horse to his full potential. Recommended.

NTSC North America Canada format

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