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Take Control Set of 7 DVDs at a discounted price. World renowned Western Pleasure trainer Dana Hokana's Winning Strides series. Please see details below for reviews on individual titles.
Everything you ever needed to know about Western Pleasure!

Volume 1. Take Control Volume One. Dana Hokana shows you how to be a more effective rider using the power in your seat, hands and legs. copyrighted review: As Lynda Bloom lane states the information in this DVD is invaluable. Figuring out how to 'harness' the power that you have as a rider through correct aid application, timing of aid application and thorough understanding of your horse through your own body is Dana's topic here. The exercises suggested provide support in your learning. Effectively they help you to better understand how to catch the right rhythm of your horse and as in any riding, to use your seat in a positive manner. The cinematography with the backdrop of beautifully trained horses in a beautiful environment heaps professional aspirations on us all. The horses showcase the benefits of Dana' training and you will find yourself emulating the kind, correct feel of the reins, the mastering of correct lower leg position as you go along. There is nothing like watching good riding to help yo visualize how it should feel and the Hokana team do a very good job of providing that here. Along with the step by step instruction you need to be more body aware at every turn. Highly Recommended.

Volume 2. Take Control Volume 2. Western Pleasure champion Dana Hokana shows you how to get the lean out of your performance horse. copyrighted review: Dana Hokana is a world renowned trainer with many big wins under her belt. An All Around champion, she has made many horses up through the ranks and has many clients bringing her horses with so called 'problems.' It is in this DVD that you will see how many issues with your Western Pleasure horse can be conquered quickly. So quickly that you then begin to wonder why it took you so long to figure it out. First Dana shows you how to determine if your horse is leaning and if so what to do about it. You will see that leaning can provide a real handicap to the flow of your ride and that the movement of your horse and the feel under your seat will become totally different ( and more pleasurable) when this error is addressed. Like dressage, self carriage is paramount for success and is the ultimate reward for the rider as the horse is truly connected to them. Some handy advice here that addresses a problem too easily overlooked that will hamper advancement.

Volume 3. Take Control Volume 3. Seven steps to a more responsive horse. Dana Hokana. Western Pleasure reserve world champion. copyrighted review: Fun to see Bree Hokana learning in this DVD from Dana. The seven day training 'fix' will have you smiling by the end of the week. Topics covered here truly address the 'details' that make any rider a real master. Are you breathing correctly? Is your 'whoa' really effective? Is your horse really on cue to your demands, whether they be neck reins or go forward cues? Is your horse really light in the bridle? Dana addresses these key issues in her usual calm and kind manner. You will soon identify problem areas and learn how to improve them so your horse is truly tuned up.

Volume 4. Take Control Volume 4. Dana Hokana's Winning Stride Series. How to develop feel and timing. copyrighted review: This is part 4 in the program and here Dana guides you through an in depth analysis of how to make sure you provide clear aids and requests for action from your horse. As the horse seeks the reward of 'release' of pressure, whether seat, leg or hand, it is important to recognize when he is being disobedient and when he simply doesn't understand. If you are off with timing of the aids, if your aids vary and are inconsistent then it makes progress and trust very difficult. Some horses may need to be pushed through their resistances but you need to know when and how, and most importantly how much. Dana Hokana has trained countless Western Pleasure Futurity and Congress Champions including AQHA World Show and Congress Top Five Winners in many divisions. In this DVD she brings her world of advice and provides simple checks and balances to your riding knowledge. Well produced DVD.

Volume 5. Take Control Volume 5. Dana Hokana Winning Strides Series. Western Pleasure world renowned trainer guides you through proper hand position and sue and how it affects your horse's movement, body position and headset. copyrighted review: A brilliant lesson program for use in both snaffle and shank bridles, that teach specifics of release and following hands. As always Dana utilizes her own daughters in her DVD series that shows everyone that riders of all ages can easily learn the steps to success. While both daughters are now champions of Western Pleasure following in Dana's footsteps, the use of the multi generational riders is a great guide for 4H and Young Riders as well as every adult out there. The effect of the proper timing and amount of release and overall use of the hands cannot be overestimated. The work here shows the right way and wrong way to use your hands in the saddle, and the advantages of correct position and pick up and approach are clearly visible. As always love watching Invested Dimensions youngsters participate with these younger riders - a great backdrop at the Hokana family ranch and a quiet methodic approach from Dana will have to in the ribbons in no time.

Volume 6. Take Control Volume 6. Dana Hokana. Watch Brook Hokana and Dimensionally Rosita stride out in willing companionship. Figuring out a soft mouth and correct headset in your Western Pleasure horse. copyrighted review: Learning from an international level trainer has distinct advantages. Dana Hokana has proven her techniques and understanding works through multiple world class wins and training of both horses and riders. In this DVD she shares more than a few secrets. No gimmicks Dana says and she lives that - it is apparent from the work here that keeping the horse soft in the mouth, correct in his headset with a correct flexion and at all times between the reins is more achievable than you might perhaps have thought. Through a series of exercises Dana showcases how to make subtle corrections and lift the horse, while maintaining control of pace with ease. The resulting harmony from using her diagnosis and kind corrections is lovely to behold. Recommended for the rider who wants to raise their skill set and improve their understanding of techniques.

Volume 7. Take Control Volume 7 Dana Hokana World Class Trainer Western Pleasure. How to make a successful transition between snaffle to bridle. Including a special section with advice on bits and bridles. Copyrighted Review: It's not always easy to be certain that your horse is ready to make the transition to a shank bridle from snaffle. Dana does an excellent job of helping you evaluate whether your horse is ready and also helps you understand the role different bits play and their direct consequence for your horse. Making this transition seamlessly is the goal, and with Dana's clear cut message of correct and kind use of the hands, it is certainly easier. Lots of good information on the bits and bridles clears you way through the endless choices available on the market. Great knowledge, generously shared. Recommended.

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Dana donates a portion of the proceeds from these DVDs to C.H.A.M.P.S. a non profit for Christian Horseman.

Dana's background: 2000 AQHA Res. World Championship in Western Pleasure, multiple Pleasure Furturity and Congress Champions under her belt including All Around Championships, Youth Horsemanship and Open and Ami divisions.
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