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Fence Feeder Perfect For Your Horse at Pasture.

This well made fence feeder mounts over a 1 x 6 inch rail and has a 12 quart capacity. It is 12 x 10 x 9 deep and it is the perfect way to keep the grain IN the feeder and not over the floor. You don't have to search about the paddock for the feeders and you can keep it above ground level and away from other beasties. TIP: Add a large round stone in the feeder for those horses who bolt their feeds to slow them down and place the feeder on a higher rail to keep those smaller horses from challenging lower pecking order horses at grain time. I use these feeders and must say especially wonderful in snowy weather as it saves all that time fiddling around in the paddock looking for the feeder. The fact they stay on the fence also keeps them from damage and prevents horses from stepping on them and damaging themselves. Easy clean finish and sturdy.

Color: Red
$26.00 On Sale! $22.00