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Welcome to Golf page. Golf is a super relaxing sport and great for the cardiovascular system too. A great social event and fun for the whole family. Enjoy the many imported items here, from the world's top 100 golf resorts to golf stationery for the golf aficionado.
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Golf Notecube Golf Notecube will delight the golf player in your family.
Golf Notecube will delight the golf player in your family with its humorous artwork. Take the rough with the smooth. All the old terms added here, tee off, putt, drive, loft , birdie and rough on this golf lovers note cube. 800 pages with a three different pictures. The mixed terms on two sides and the golf player in the rough on one side looking a tad frustrated. Plus the gentleman golfer 'smooth' player. The top has a pen hole which makes it a very convenient item next to the phone or on your desk at work, reminding everyone what you do in your spare time and sparking conversation on your favorite pastime........ (click on image for more pictures)
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100 Best Golf Resorts 100 Best Golf Resorts of the World, by Karen Misuraca.
Combining your passion for golf with your love of travel has to be one of the happiest vacations you can make. Picking the most exciting and suitable golf resort to ensure the maximum enjoyment might be more of a challenge....... (click on image for full details)
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Golf Rules Explained Golf Rules Explained.
Golf Magazine senior editor David Barrett brings you GOLF RULES EXPLAINED Entertaining and Enlightening Read that will certainly enhance you game. A nifty handy tool for the golfer whether serious or amateur player - so you find yourself on course and a question comes up? The rules of golf are naturally intimidating to read and to explain - even some of the pros don't go there - but from Dave's column in Golf Magazine 'Within the Rules' and the surveys conducted - he knows that many golfers have no idea what the rules are -...... (click on image for full details)
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The Golf Magazine Putting Handbook. The Golf Magazine Putting Handbook.
The Golf Magazine Putting Handbook: Peter Morrice, Editor of Golf Magazine brings you the keys to building an effective stroke. This is an essential guide to mastering the easiest and yet most confounding part of the golf game. This book will help you develop and improve your results on the greens an shows you the following:- ...... (click on image for full details)
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