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Horse Halter 1 inch Leather
Horse Halter 1 inch Leather Black American Made.

Very high quality American leather with solid brass buckles. This black leather halter has an adjustable chin/nose piece for maximum function and fit. The crown is double buckled and the throat is rounded for great comfort. With the throat snap for easy on/off and grooming and the stylish and neat stitch work this is a halter that will provide many years of wear. review: This is a tough. made to last halter. Thick 1 inch leather with quality workmanship throughout. Very nice.

Available in three sizes OS ( XL) , horse and cob. Sorry only OS left. Approximate sizes as follows:-

Oversize ( warmblood XL ) Noseband over headpiece back to noseband 44-48 "
                                           Noseband 28.5 to 31.5 inches
                                           Throatlatch 19 inches
Full Size (horse regular)    Noseband over headpiece back to noseband 40-44"
                                          Noseband 28 to 31 inches
                                          Throatlatch 19 inches
Cob Size                            Noseband over headpiece back to noseband  36-40"
                                          Throatlatch 16 inches
                                           Noseband 23 to 26 inches

Also available in black with stainless steel, and brown with solid brass fittings.

Catskill Horse Magazine Review by Chelsea Smith.

Halters, I would argue, are fairly important when dealing with horses. I mean, how else are you supposed to catch, lead, shoe, and otherwise deal with a 1,000 pound animal that doesn’t speak your language? Unless you’re one of those horse people who can teach any horse to be extremely calm, still, and respectful in every single circumstance under the sun, I’d say you need a halter. But not one of those cheap, nylon, never lasts more than a couple years, import from India halters— no, we need something that will last. A halter is something that you only want to buy for your horse once, and if it was made in America, then you could support your own country while doing so. With the black leather halter from The Sound Equine, you get several things: a tough, American made, handsome, comfortable, and adjustable halter that you will only have to buy once.
I love it— the strong black leather and brass buckles provide functionality and style, while the neat stitching gives the halter the sophisticated look I want at a show; my horse also loves it. He’s always happy to put it on. Or maybe that’s because we’re going outside? Either way, the halter is easy to put on and take off, and the rounded buckles make sure my horse is comfortable and safe. So try it. You’ll only have to buy it once, and when everyone admires your good taste in halters and horses, you’ll be the talk of the barn.

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