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Phillips Reins
Horse Training Phillips Reins Kavalcade.

New ProductPhillips (Lauffer) Lungeing Rein helps horses that are tight in the back, have too high head carriage and need to find forward and down.

Black leather with stainless steel buckles, adjustable. Copyrighted Review:-

These are made of buttery soft leather and a great quality tool for training the horse who tends to carry his head too high. I use these reins extensively and they are really super effective. This set from the renowned house of Kavalcade, Warendorf are thick leather, well finished and typical of the Kavalcade brand they are great quality. Super useful training aid and this set offer a great level of adjustment.

Please note: This is a copyrighted review and may only be published elsewhere with credit clearly denoted as ", The International Equestrian Shop" and with a link to The Horse Studio website URL if published online. Thank you for respecting our copyright.

We asked the Grand Prix trainers at Willowview Hill Farm for their advice on using the Philipps reins and this is their opinion:

In the event that during re-training your horse for dressage, you find him unwilling to flex at the poll and accept the rider's contact to the bit, then we recommend using the Phillips rein ( Lauffer rein). However, it is important that this rein is connected to the sides of the surcingle and not between the horse's front legs as that will encourage the horse to come behind the vertical, overflex and create a break at the 3rd vertebrae. These reins should be used from the ground only, and the horse trained to the contact without the weight of the rider. Once the horse understands the sliding contact his back should relax, come up and through. Be certain that the top rein is attached lower for a green horse than a trained horse. The reins should be adjusted so that the horse can stretch with his head just in front of the vertical.

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