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John Lyons. The Trail Riding Series.
John Lyons The Trail Riding Series 3 DVD set.
This is a very comprehensive set that covers just about every aspect you possible could of training your horse and problem solving. In his lovely manner and practical way John has divided this tome of advice on DVD format into three. 1st DVD Catching Your Horse Clam Down Cue Bridling Overcoming Rider Fear Directional Control Turning Your Horse Out Buddy Sour Behavior Giving to the Bit Stopping and Shoulder Control 2nd DVD Standing still for mounting Kicking On the Trail ( This recently happened to me - another horse kicked at mine causing him to panic and me to take a fall - so the other horse is having this lesson and mine is adopting the calm down cue) Turns on the forehand Biting Horses Riding with Other Horses ( Once again more cues for said beasts above in progress) Hip Control Pecking order Speed control Picking Up Leads Go Forward Cue Eating on the trail Understanding reins to feet connection 3rd DVD Leading Spooking Collection Crossing obstacles sidepassing rollbacks jigging collected stop riding up and down hills crossing water transitions I have often used much of John Lyons work on horses and have always found it extremely beneficial. The dynamics are simple, the work kind and clear cut, and the results very worthwhile. This is also a nice set that you can go back to and refer to if you have a few problems you want to troubleshoot. There is a good reason why many other biggest and most prestigious breeders in the horse world in various disciplines work with John or his son and other students of his programs especially with their young stock to give the horses the best all around start in life - it works! Highly Recommended.
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