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Horse Body Brush KBF99 Antibacterial

Part of the fantastic KBF99 grooming line, this is an antibacterial body brush. While you may already have latched on to the benefits of antibacterial stable line products such as salt licks and feed scoops,  The Horse Studio has also selected other useful grooming items to complete your health safety initiative.

Perfect for busy boarding barns, high traffic breeding sheds, vet clinics and colleges, and all horse owners that are concerned enough to do whatever possible to help protect their horses from Strangles, Ringworm, E. Coli and Mycotoxins. Copyrighted Review:
Extremely well made - so we can see why The Queen's grooms use them - and their powers to prevent infection and re-infection of course. A no brainer for most of us that own a busy barn. The Horse Studio Team search far and wide ( hence their aka The International Equestrian Shop),  in this case to the United Kingdom,  to bring our customers the best health and safety, innovative products on the market. The KBF99 line was a natural fit. We product tested the grooming equipment in particular ourselves, using a brush on one side of a ringworm infected horse and on the other very limited use with a regular brush. While this was not a clinical trial or anything close to that - we did find that the side we used this brush over on the horse,  improved quicker than the other and we did not see new patches appear on that side either.
In any event, where I cannot guarantee brushes are used on a per horse basis or that we get time to keep them as clean as we'd like ( being honest), this is a great solution that makes me sleep better at night. I want to be sure that my horses are as healthy as they can be and the KBF99 line helps. Very nicely made and good to use and fits my hand well. Recommend.

By Appointment Supplier to Queen Elizabeth II.

KBF99 Information:

The new range of KBF99 products bring science to the stable. Designed to prevent and assist in the prevention of infection and re-infection from troublesome and painful diseases. KBF99 is not a cure or a guarantee but it is sound stable management and will reduce the risk of infection. How does it work?

KBF99 does not leech any chemicals making it clean and safe. This fact also prevents bacteria building up immunity or resistance to KBF99. KBF99 additive is rich in nitrogen molecules that carry a positive charge. Bacteria, Fungi, algae and mycotoxins have cell membranes that are negatively charged. The additive coats the surface of plastic with molecular strands ( tiny spikes or swords). The bacteria, algae, fungi and mycotoxins are attracted onto the spikes, the surface membrane is ruptured and kills the cell. And for good measure the cell is then electrocuted by the positive and negative ions coming together. This blows the cell apart.

KBF99 kill rate is 99.2% when compared to none treated plastics. As no chemicals are released this product works over a prolonged period of time. 

Cleaning: Never use bleach or an abrasive cleaner. Warm soapy water is ideal. Can be cleaned in washing machine with non abrasive detergents.

See the full line of face brushes, hoof brushes, bucket brushes, salt licks, feed scoops. curry combs, long fibre dandy brushes and more on the KBF99 page right here at The Horse Studio.

Choose from the colors listed below.

Price is per body brush.

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