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Trail & Endurance

Trail & Endurance

Every member of The Horse Studio Team agrees that some of their most pleasurable riding experiences have been out on the trail. The glory of the jumper ring or the dressage arena, the moments of the perfect half pass or circle in reining are all super experiences. But there is something good for your soul about riding in open country with your favorite companion of the four legged variety.

Whether you are a pleasure rider and amateur or a professional endurance competitor, whether you ride the backcountry of Montana or the mountains of Virginia, you will enjoy the selection of products here.

DVDs and books, tack items and useful safety references like First Aid for the Backcounty or 101 tips for trail riding. Also coming soon reflective riding vests and safety equipment from England. Never met a horse yet that didn't benefit in his training and mental outlook from working on the trail. Go ahead, step outside of the confines of the ring and discover the beauty of nature. Looking for a specific item? Click on the department link, i.e. Books, DVDs etc.
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101 Trail Riding Tips. 101 Trail Riding Tips.
Helpful Hints for the Backcountry and Pleasure Horse Riding The best days are often those spent out on the trail, the freedom and the fresh environment for training, often overlooked in today's busy world. This book is full of advice on how to make sure you are having the safest and the most fun time when you choose to head off the beaten track....... (click on image for full details)
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selfhelp1.jpg Self Help For Riders New and Returning Bob Jeffreys. Vol 1
Lots of bonus features such as troubleshooting tips and equitation exercises here, in addition to some fine advice on basics for the rider. Topics covered include why horses do what they do; how to make a horse your best friend and the importance of safe horse handling; an introduction to English and Western Equitation basics; how to pick the right riding instructor, horse trainer or clinician....... (click on image for full details)

$37.95 On Sale! $29.95
selfhelp3.jpg Self Help For Riders New and Returning from Bob Jeffreys. Vol 3.
In this part three of the series you are expertly guided by this team through the vagaries of purchasing your first horse. Also included are tips on bits and correct saddle fit and how to refine your riding skills. Both Western and English equitation skills are developed. The more advanced work now begins with the start of collection. Bob and Suzanne explain why you want it and how to achieve it....... (click on image for full details)

$37.95 On Sale! $29.95
Endurance Start to Finish Endurance Start to Finish Marcy Pavord. Out of Print.

Endurance Horse Riding 20 miles to 100 miles a day: All the advice you need to make your event a success. Super U.K. book. Practical advice with great tips. ......(click on image for full details) 



$52.00 On Sale! $39.99
SSG Aquatack Gloves SSG Aquatack Gloves On Sale
Smart Navy with excellent reinlock palm, elasticized back and fully washable. Event riders love these gloves for their superior grip and soft touch grip. Colors to match your colors. Take that bounce in the water with confidence that the rest of the course will be on track without losing the reins. Excellent for endurance riders too.......... (click on image for full details)

$29.95 On Sale! $21.95
Ladies universal. One size fits all.

Eurofit Live To Ride Horse Shirt White Short Sleeves. Eurofit Live To Ride Horse Shirt White Short Sleeve
Add a little bling and sparkle with this white short sleeve fitted ladies shirt from Eurofit. The sparkle over the 'i' catches the light and the purchase of this shirt helps to support Habitat for Horses charity. Eurofit donate proceeds of this sale to this charity, so your purchase shows your support in making the lives of horses happier all around the world........... (click on image for full details)
$29.99 On Sale! $25.99

bit mikmar wing double jointed snaffle Snaffle Bit, Full Cheek Wing Lozenge Snaffle Mikmar Horse Bit Cupreon
A very smart and very well balanced bit with the classic turning help that hunters, jumpers and fox hunters appreciate. The highest quality stainless steel, along with the non toxic patented Cupreon Copper encourage salivation and softness from the horse. ...... (click on image for full details)

$99.90 On Sale! $79.90

watchmens.jpg Triple Braid Brown Leather Mens Horse Head Design Wristwatch.
A practical and nuanced gift for the horseman or equestrian enthusiast. Nice big numerals so you can see them at a quick glance, whether out there playing polo, emulating Mark Todd or riding the trails, it's a handy timepiece that announces your horse passion..(click on image for full details)

$58.95 On Sale! $48.00
EnduraRidingJacketBlack.jpg Endura High Tech Riding Jacket in Black SAVE!
This is a beautifully cut jacket with a drop down back that keeps you warm and dry in and out of the saddle. The reflective piping adds safety in the dusk and early morning light. This is very useful for the show rider who finds themselves around trailers, barns and rings in minimal light, or for the trail/endurance rider who may find themselves around traffic...........(click on image for full details)

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$119.99 On Sale! $69.99
Size options

equinisity2disc.jpg Equinisity Liz Mitten Ryan. 2 Disc Set.
811245 copyrighted review: Utilizing her beautiful 320 acre ranch and coaching and healing skills Liz Mitten Ryan guides participants through their own journeys of self discovery. Through the release of pent up frustrations, self forgiveness and release of binding egos, participants learn to reconnect with self on a deep and true level. By fostering an appreciation for the land and animals Liz Mitten Ryan reminds us of the wonder of truly seeing details in the world in which we participate, taking us to a higher level of consciousness........(click on image for full details)

$29.95 On Sale! $24.95
dealingwithdogshansen.jpg Dealing with Dogs On the Trail. Scot Hansen horse training series.
811204 review. This problem comes up from time to time and having an effective way to handle it is not just handling a nuisance but protecting you and your horse's safety. Scot has a world of experience as a mounted police officer and here he trains you in basics such as how to introduce your horse to a dog, how to teach your horse to be brave and confident and how to learn ground training and flagging techniques........(click on image for full details)
$29.95 On Sale! $23.95
Self Defense for Trail Riders Self Defense for Trail Riders Scot Hansen.
811206 review. This is a very detailed look at how to protect yourself if you are attacked by someone on the trail. Topics are extensive including how to recognize a predator, what and when to say it, how to keep from being pulled off your horse, when to trap, how to use a horse's hindquarters, when and how to strike, what equipment works best and how to use your horse to defend yourself from an attacker........(click on image for full details)
$39.95 On Sale! $32.95
The Complete Trail Horse The Complete Trail Horse. Dan Aadland.
Whether it's for fishing or hunting, nature-watching or camping, or simply to get off the beaten path, there is no better way to travel through the backcountry than on horseback. And riding a sure-footed, responsive mount that has been trained to carry you and your equipment over the most rugged terrain is the best way of all.......(click on image for full details)
$19.95 On Sale! $14.95
Backcountry Basics Mike Kinsey. Backcountry Basics Mike Kinsey.
Trail riding is one of the most popular horseback activities, yet few riders have the knowledge and experience to properly prepare their horses at home for the challenges along the trail. As a result, these riders encounter behavioral problems with their horses that put them in dangerous situations and prevent them from enjoying their wilderness adventures to the fullest........(click on image for full details)
$23.95 On Sale! $16.95
Better Than Bombproof Better Than Bombproof Sgt. Rick Pelicano.
991446 review: Follow the principles and guidelines of this experienced horse trainer and your horse will be fearful of nothing. From the absurd items you may never meet like umbrellas flapping on the floor in the middle of the ring, ( or thinking about it - maybe you might - given some show experiences I've had with tents blowing down etc)., to parade issues that might arise, working with children and bombproofing their mounts, to drill team work and musical rides, it's all here. ......(click on image for full details)
$29.95 On Sale! $23.95
hamptonridingjacketeousblack1.jpg Hampton Riding Jacket in Black Save $30
Sleek and stylish with a tie sash waist for a fun flair this is a stretch soft shell fabric that is perfect for riding and driving. The fabric is dirt, debris and stain repellant with flattering tapered sides and tie waist. A classy embroidered horse patch on the sleeve and button straps on the shoulders give this jacket a modern European twist.............(click on image for full details)
$99.99 On Sale! $69.99

All Purpose Ultra Saddle Pad Dusty Rose All Purpose Ultra Saddle Pad Dusty Rose

 Soft, dusty rose color and contrasting stitch pattern. Very durable, machine washable with cool dry. The topline is contoured for maximum comfort and the liner is soft with cool dri lining and breathable with a smooth cotton finish on top. ............. (click on image for full details)

$35.99 On Sale! $29.99

synergy riding tights irideon sapphire Irideon Riding Tights Knee Patch Technical

New ProductThis very popular riding tight has three outstanding technical fabrics all in one. Extremely comfortable tights that are compressive and lightweight. The side panels are ribbed with Cadence, so is the waistband. To give you more comfort in tall boots the calf  has jacquard mesh panels and the option of a bright color contrast on the waistband. Here at The Horse Studio we opted to offer black with black and black with sapphire blue.................(click on image for full details)

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$89.95 On Sale! $63.99

pasofinos.jpg Training and Owning Paso Finos. Gaits From God. Brenda Imus.
Paso Fino Training and Owning Paso Finos Gaits From God. Set of 3 DVDs; A super training tool for all gaited horses from expert Brenda Imus. Here is a comprehensive set of 3 DVDs from leading clinician Brena Imus on the secrets of riding and owning gaited breeds. The Paso Finos, Tennessee Walkers, Missouri Foxtrotters and more are covered. Brenda Imus, well respected trainer of these breeds teaches you how to bring out the best in your horse...... (click on image for full details)

$119.95 On Sale! $109.95
gothedistance.jpg Go The Distance. Nancy S. Loving DVM
The Complete Resource for Endurance Horses.Great book that teaches all endurance riders all the strategies to be a successful long distance rider with a sound and healthy horse. Dr. Nancy Loving brings her wealth of both competitive endurance riding experiences and veterinary knowledge to the reader here - whether you are starting out or already competing this advice will ensure you bring out a higher and safer level of performance....... (click on image for full details)
$24.95 On Sale! $19.95
Reinsman Breast Collar. Reinsman Horse Breast Collar. Contour Design in Honey Color Leather.
The leather is softly polished and the simple design with a neat two inch contour looks great on any horse for any discipline. The double and stitched, lined with extra soft leathers assure your horses' comfort while maintaining durability for which the Reinsman products are world famous........... (click on image for full details)
$110.80 On Sale! $104.00

enduranceset.jpg Endurance Rider Gift Set. A super informational book here with a good luck license plate. Perfect good wishes for your trail and endurance rider.
1. Endurance Start to Finish Marcy Pavord.
2. Good Luck Double Horse Shoe Laser Cut License Plate. Black on White...............(click on image for full details)

$80.00 On Sale! $68.00

Black Trench Coat Horse Trainers Trench Coat in Black Save $40
LAST ONE! Form and function. Delight in this fashionable coat that you can take anywhere. Everything you need in one garment to keep you clean, dry and warm around the barn or working horses. Built for riding, the coat offers a breathable and lightweight fabric, with lots of pockets including a neat hidden headphone hole in the front chest pocket ideal for your Ipod or mike for clinics and lessons. Waterproof and breathable with leg straps to keep the coat secure about your legs when mounted, also has cantle and saddle flap so you can be totally protected if rain hits............. (click on image for full details)

All red tag sales are final sales.

$129.99 On Sale! $89.99

Cell Phone Belt Holder Cell Phone Belt Holder Montana Silversmiths

With its cowhide appeal and silver ornament this is a tough, sturdy cell phone holder. It has a clip for the belt on the back, and is made of excellent quality leather. Size is 4 inches high x 3 inches wide x 1 inch deep.........(click on image for larger picture)


$29.99 On Sale! $14.99
horsebarnsignenglishhorsecrossing.jpg Horse Barn Sign English Horse and Rider Crossing

Share your passion for any English riding discipline. You don't have to have a stable yard, add it to your college dorm room, bedroom or office.
Metal sign. 12 x 12 inches. Screws not included..................... (click on image for larger picture)




john lyons trail riding series 3 dvd set John Lyons The Trail Riding Series 3 DVD set.
Limited time sale offer. Save 25%. This is a very comprehensive set that covers just about every aspect you possible could of training your horse and problem solving. In his lovely manner and practical way John has divided this tome of advice on DVD format into three...... (click on image for full details)
$99.99 On Sale! $74.95
The History of Western Horseman The History of Western Horseman

By Randy Witte
Hard Cover- 160 pages

From its humble beginnings in 1936 until today, Western Horseman
magazine has carried the torch for the Stock Horse and the Western
way of life. Written by former long-time editor and publisher Randy
Witte, this book chronicles the 75 year history of the magazine and the
people who helped it become, "The World's Leading Horse Magazine"........(click on image for full details)

$29.95 On Sale! $21.95
Halter bridle 1 inch leather brown full size Halter Bridle Combo Brown Leather Solid Brass

Perfect for the trail. Super well made, soft leather and USA made. A lovely quality halter/bridle with solid brass fittings. Leather is thick and 3/4 inch wide. The stitching is neat and well crafted. Offered in regular horse/full size, with measurements below. Note: No reins included........... (click on image for full details)



startingenduranceriding.jpg Starting Endurance Riding Clare Wilde

This guide has essential information for anyone interested in having a go at endurance riding. Chapters cover all aspects from assessing your horse, horse and rider equipment and fitness conditioning to the back up crew and choosing and entering a ride. There is also a section on prevention and treatment of injury..........(click on image for full details)


naturalhoofshoeblack.jpg The Natural Hoof Shoe Equals Happy Horses SALE

Offering exceptional traction with contoured fit, this machine washable show is lightweight, soft and pliable. Easy on and easy off.

Drainage and ventilation features; safe design without buckles or clips. Copyrighted Review: There are many horse boots on the market today and we tested many of them before making this selection. This boot fit horses better, offered excellent drainage and ventilation which kept the hooves much healthier. The boots were very easy to put on and off and stayed on during turnout and rough trails. The boots also wash up very well and offer a nice padding on the interior of the sole which is also removable for washing. The perfect solution to soft feet on hard terrain, to protect the hoof when a shoe goes missing.............. (click on image for full details)



$54.99 On Sale! $41.99

slow feed hay net Slow Feed Hay Bag

Tough outer fabric with mesh side gussets pack the flakes perfectly for slow feeding your horse. Save wasted hay and keep your horse occupied for longer.
Breathable nylon 600 dernier. Choose from navy blue or forest green. Review: This product lasts well and is well constructed with two hanging rings and the back has a loop so you can attach it to a post or the wall. It definitely saved hay wastage. The expandable side gusset made loading it up super easy.
We also sell regular mesh nylon haynets here at The Horse Studio. Please see other listing............... (click on image for larger Picture)




FITS A600 sable FITS Breech Pull On Full Seat Sable
720670 Review:

FITS have done it again. A lovely rich brown new color adds elegance and goes perfectly with everything. This original pull on FITS breech design is super comfy. A great product and a reasonable price............. (click on image for full details)


free shipping

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$255.95 On Sale! $230.95

christmas ornament morning horse ride pewter Morning Horse Ride Christmas Ornament Pewter

New.jpgWithout question one of the favorite Christmas ornaments here at The Horse Studio. The detail of the horse and rider and dog guided by a star is so beautifully crafted and evokes the wonderful feeling of taking that peaceful morning ride.

Size is approximately 3 inches by 2 inches.

Made of pewter............... (click on image for larger picture)

free shipping

$23.99 On Sale! $17.99

saddle pad trail riding all purpose endurance yellow green orange Trail Riding Saddle Pad Double Thick 2 Pockets Bright Colors

New ProductStay safe with these high visibility saddle pads. Two waterproof pockets ( one on each side), with double back padding and fleece lining make them perfect for the trail. Offered in bright green, yellow and orange.

Size : Across the spine 19 inches
Side across 25 inches
Depth 19 inches............(click on image for full details)

$61.98 On Sale! $59.98

ladies breeches irideon winter windpro pipeline sapphire Windpro Pipeline Breech Knee Patch

New ProductSuper sleek design for the season, this breech offers a luxurious softness and warmth for the rider with superfleece "Windpro" that not only insulates from teh cold but with a special durable water repellent coating, the windpro sheds rain, snow and mud while blocking the wind four times more than traditional fleece.................(click on image for full details)


$179.95 On Sale! $129.95

irideon boot cut denim breeches navy Denim Riding Breech Bootcut Bit and Reins Verano Knee Patch

New ProductBootcut design but with all the features of a regular knee patch riding breech. Made of a very comfortable 4-way stretch denim with no inseam. This clever no-seam means no chafing. Super grip Chamisoft knee patches and beautiful double horse embroidery on rear pockets, belt loops ( see our belt section in rider accessories for some super riding belts) and a mid-rise waist. Made by Irideon..................(click on image for full details)


$89.95 On Sale! $74.95

irideon issential pipeline riding tights black cobalt blue Pipeline Issential Riding Tights Black and Cobalt Blue KP

New ProductEye-catching, bright pipeline knee patch riding tights. These seasonal colors have been very popular so hurry in and get yours now! You can match with a pipeline warm up jacket too. This design is black with bright cobalt blue piping. Also available at The Horse Studio in tan with coral piping. Match up a Radiance or Cooldown ( the top icefil rated shirt on the market), for a super chic look..................(click on image for full details)

Free Shipping


$84.95 On Sale! $79.95

irideon issential riding tights sandstone coral Pipeline Issential Riding Tights Sand with Coral KP

New ProductOur bestseller this season, these pipeline tights are easy to wear and have that eye-catching edge. Offered here in sand (tan) with coral pipeline and with a knee patch and the wonderful Irideon Issential panels for support with compressive fabric...................(click on image for full details)

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$84.95 On Sale! $79.95

irideon issential riding tights classic tan Issential Riding Tights Classic Tan

New ProductProudly made in the USA these riding tights from Irideon are lightweight and comfortable, offering compression and a smooth microfibre fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. There are flat, no chafe seams and the body contouring panels flatter your figure while providing support for your muscles. They additionally offer a Chamisoft knee patch for extra grip in the saddle...................(click on image for full details)

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$69.95 On Sale! $59.95

EOUS Western Saddle Bag EOUS Western Saddle Bag. Super Protection.
This saddle bag in brown, is cool dry lined and has fiberfill padding to further protect your saddle. The shoulder strap is sturdy and adjustable, and it also has a hand strap plus two way zippers for easy access........ (click on image for full details)

Note: red tag sales are final sales so non returnable.

$99.99 On Sale! $85.99

Equifit All Purpose T Boot White Front Equifit All Purpose T Boot White Front Velcro SALE

All Purpose T-Boot™ offers all-around durable protection for daily exercise and turn out. Durable, Rhinotek™ outer shell resists tears, scuffs and scratches and is easy to clean.

New Velcro® for a stronger, more durable hold between boot and liner

T-Foam™ lining conforms to horse’s leg for a custom fit, every time

Made with T-Foam:™ The Choice of Champions......... (click on image for full details)

Free Shipping

$109.95 On Sale! $69.95

Collecting The Old West Collecting the Old West with Jack Sutton.

The biggest area of collectible interest is the Old West. Whether you want spurs or vintage saddles to decorate your den, original artwork or movie posters or Garcia bit to outfit your pinto pony, there are plenty of opportunities to have the Old West collections of your dreams........(click on image for full details)

White Horses Sequin Shirt White Horses Hoodie T Shirt in Pink. Reflective. Long Sleeve.
Add a touch of glitter and glamor with this pretty sequin T shirt. The light reflects beautifully and it has a slightly longer cut to flatter every figure. Lightweight with long sleeves and hoodie............. (click on image for full details)
$32.99 On Sale! $19.99

ridersdiarytrainingendurance.jpg Rider's Diary Endurance/Horsemanship Pack Refill

The super popular Rider's Diary, sold exclusively in the USA ( exception CA), by The Horse Studio comes with lots of options for the competition rider. This pack is a great way to extend your diary to cover specific endurance horse training/competition and horsemanship.

See our range of other special options to choose from..........(click on image for larger picture)

See all Rider's Diary products.

Bombproofing Tips for Your Horse Bombproofing Tips for Your Horse

By following the essential principles in Perry Wood's Bombproofing Tips, you can help your horse to become the kind of paragon we traditionally call 'bombproof'. Chapters include how to de-sensitize your horse, riding past objects of fear, loud noises, reward and punishments and animals and children.........(click on image for full details)

Smartphone Case Smartphone Case Neoprene Protection Belt Clip Dressage Design

A fun way to showcase your love of dressage and to protect your investment in a smartphone. Neoprene protection with belt loop and clip attachment plus velcro closure for quick and easy access.This large smartphone case fits the IPhone, Droid DNA and Galaxy4S. Inside dimensions are 5.5 inches x 3.25 inches x 0.5 inches. Machine wash/drip dry..........(click on image for more details)


$17.95 On Sale! $15.95
hay net mesh Haynet Trailer and Stall Use Save $

Traditional haynet perfect for trailer rides as well as the stall, this nylon haynet has 2" holes that slows down eating. Offered in royal blue and forest green. Review: Always a handy product and great for keeping your horse entertained for long period. It also saves you dollars on your hay budget as there is significantly less wastage. also offers slow feed hay bags. Please see other listing.............. (click on image for larger Picture)




riding gloves SSG work and horse leather Work'n'Horse Riding Gloves SSG

New ProductThese riding gloves are made out of genuine leather and offer a dome fastener and cinch closure. The key areas are reinforced. This style is unlined.

Color: Dark Brown..............(click on image for full details)

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$21.95 On Sale! $19.95

lessonswelllearned.jpg Lessons Well Learned Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship.
991409 review: That witty sense of humor "e.g. Heart Attacks are Free" chapter heading, are typical good humor that exudes from Clint who is a real dab hand at solving problems. Long heralded for his keen touch and easy way of training both horse and rider he begins each horse and rider in a very quiet and sensible approach and guides each deftly through the obstacles that both may find along the way of good horsemanship........(click on image for full details)
$29.95 On Sale! $24.95
the illuminated hoof pick Illuminated Hoof Pick. Innovation at Its Best.

A revolutionary improvement on the most basic tool in the tack room. Say goodbye to dull barn lights, moving your horse about to catch the light and focus on this great LED light hoof pick that is built tough and water resistant too. The pick is stainless steel for durability and function. You can swap out the AAA batteries and can change the hoof brush if it wears out eventually. Super grip handle and light just where you need it, when you need it........(click on image for full details)


$24.95 On Sale! $19.95
firstaidforhorseandrider.jpg First Aid For Horse and Rider: Nancy Loving DVM and Gilbert Preston MD
This is a handy guide that brings quick access to the facts to handle common medical emergencies such as may occur when horse and rider come together. A great addition to the tack room or saddle bag, it covers CPR, head injuries, lightning injuries, bone an joint injuries for the rider plus many other topics. For the horse it covers insect bites, animal bites, wounds, heat stress, eye conditions, hoof problems, acute lameness and more....... (click on image for full details)
$12.95 On Sale! $11.95
fits beka chocolate winter chill FITS Breeches Beka Winter Chill CLOSEOUT Save $60

Save $64. This fabulous rich chocolate color is fresh for the season, and the very popular winter chill breech will keep you warm and cozy.

FITS is continuing its goal of providing exceptional, innovative equestrian apparel with this amazing fabric with it’s traditional woven fabric with a winter twist. Riders will appreciate the classic polyester twill outer fabric for looks and durability, and love the blended fleece and brushed Rayon® yarns that are amazingly soft and warm against skin. ............. (click on image for full details)

<img src="" width="50" height="30" vspace="12" hspace="12" border="0"> Please note all red tag sales are final sales.



See all FITS products.


All red tag sales are final sales.

$163.99 On Sale! $99.99

Riding Shirt Light Blue Charlotte Jorst Kastel Denmark Riding Shirt Light Blue Charlotte Jorst

The Charlotte SPF 30 ultra-violet protection, long sleeve, zip-neck shirt is designed with technical features that add comfort to performance. Breathable patterned lightweight material wicks away heat with 92% nylon/8% spandex.   Skin stays protected from sun damage and leading technology provides you with the highest level of moisture control.  Odors are eliminated with our exclusive anti-bacterial fabric.............. (click on image for full details)

free shipping

See all Kastel Denmark products.



Charlotte Jorst Kastel Denmark Riding Shirt Charlotte Jorst Kastel Denmark Riding Shirt Black/White
730182 Copyrighted Review:- Such a cool shirt in every sense of the word. Extremely comfy, kept me fresh and cool during my workout today in Wellie. Felt good and looked good. Will buy more. Thanks for bringing us the Charlotte collection. I will be buying the entire color selection for my season. .............. (click on image for full details)

free shipping

See all Kastel Denmark products.



FITS Kimberly Knee Patch Breech Sahara FITS Kimberly Knee Patch Breech Sahara

New ProductTraditional styling and classic good looks make this the perfect breech for the show ring. The superior grip from the deerskin knee patch comes from the perforation and makes the world of difference over fences. The back is yoked with a euroseat design and the all season Performax fabric offers muscle support and helps fight fatigue while having good stretch................ (click on image for full details) 

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$187.99 On Sale! $169.99

Horse Bridle The Renoir Snaffle Horse Bridle The Renoir Snaffle Soft Brown Save $60

Save $60 on this buttery soft super brown bridle in horse size with pretty gold accent in the browband, snaffle with flash and price includes set of leather reins. The noseband with Gold Browband Line Accent. This is a well made bridle with at a very good value. Prices for reins are more than this with some stores!.......... (click on image for full details)


Red Tag Sale

All sales are final sales, red tsg item. Sorry no returns or exchanges for any reason.

$210.95 On Sale! $159.95

equifitallpurposewhitetboothind.jpg Equifit All Purpose T Boot White Hind Velcro SALE

All Purpose T-Boot™ offers all-around durable protection for daily exercise and turn out. Durable, Rhinotek™ outer shell resists tears, scuffs and scratches and is easy to clean.

New Velcro® for a stronger, more durable hold between boot and linerT-Foam™ lining conforms to horse’s leg for a custom fit, every time

Made with T-Foam:™ The Choice of Champions........ (click on image for full details)


$109.95 On Sale! $69.95


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