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Double Jointed Snaffle Bit
Dr. Bristol Double Jointed Snaffle Bit In Stainless Steel

Double Jointed Snaffle Bit in Stainless Steel Imported from Germany this high quality Bristol Bit is offered in three sizes with 2cm thick mouth. Loose Ring.


This stainless steel bit offers the softer double joint which avoids any pinching or nutcracker action that a regular snaffle may employ over the tongue. Many horses prefer the lack of interference in the palate and will quietly mouth this bit. A soft curve facilitates a comfortable fit and the result of the double joint is to spread any bit pressure across the tongue and bars.

The Loose Ring Snaffle is one of the most common types of snaffle cheeks, and generally considered to be the best style of cheek for disciplines requiring sensitive contact through the reins, such as dressage. Because the ring-shaped cheek pieces are attached to the bit by running through holes bored into the ends of the mouthpiece, the mouthpiece to move freely in relation to the rings. This allows the mouthpiece to move more independently with the tongue and jaw movements of the horse, even when the reins are maintaining pressure on the bit. This is generally considered an advantage in disciplines like dressage in that it encourages a relaxed jaw and mobile tongue, but some horses can find this freedom overly stimulating and get too playful with the bit, especially when there is no rein contact helping to stabilize the bit. The rings are also able to swivel freely in a lateral direction, allowing for clear transmission of direct rein aids, which is particularly useful with young horses. Most cheeks used in snaffle bits are able to swivel laterally, but as the name suggests, the loose ring has the least resistance in this respect.


The thickness of the mouthpiece is 14.5mm. (0.57") The cheek rings are 6.5 cm. (2.56") in size.

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