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Keep your horse warm and cozy, cool and collected with the best prices on horse fleeces, horse blankets and horse coolers on clearance pricing.

A proper cool down and warm up is very important to prevent pulled or strained ligaments or tendons/muscles in the horse. The right gear to help you achieve this in the form of coolers and blankets is a great boon. All the products that we sell at The Horse Studio online tack shop have been product tested by us so you can rest assured that they will serve you and your equine well.

Fleece Mesh Horse Cooler
Fleece Mesh Horse Cooler $30 Off
$29.99 $59.99

ON SALE Save $30 This great combo cooler utilizes a unique concept that blends a light weight checked fleece and a soft mesh on the sides. A truly multi-functional fleece, it can be used as a cooler, a travel rug or at the shows to keep clean............. (click on image for full details)

cooler swatch berry navy



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Dog Blanket
EOUS Dog Blanket Black Fleece Gold Trim XL (29")
$15.99 $29.99

Super smart dog coat in luxurious black with gold roll cord trim and fleece collar. Treat your canine companion to this smart fleece blanket and keep him warm and cozy this winter season. Soft and comfortable with velcro adjustment in the belly and the front closure ensures a good fit for every dog. Add the chic appeal of the fancy cord trim, the machine washing good looking practical 270 gram anti-pilling fleece and you have a breathable and durable blanket. Offered in multi sizing so provide a full choice for every breed. ....... (click on image for full details)

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NikWax Down Wash
NikWax Down Wash.
$10.99 $11.99
Safely Revitalizes Insulation and Water Repellency for Down Filled Gear. Keep your clothing and sleeping bags, other down filled items clean without damaging the water repellency that regular detergents may cause...............(click on image for larger picture)

Horse Turnout Hood In Chocolate
Horse Light Weight Turnout Hood In Chocolate. CLEARANCE DEAL
$45.00 $60.00

The extra neck protection offered by a hood is often overlooked. Not only does it protect from the weather but also can save some wear and tear on the mane. Useful if you are headed off to the show ring the next day. The fit is very good and attachment is easy with elasticated straps. Durable and washable with a double velcro front fastening.............. (click on image for full details)

final saleAll red tag sales are final sales and non returnable hence discount



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