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The Essential Hybrid Car Handbook
The Essential Hybrid Car Handbook A Buyers Guide.
The Essential Hybrid Car Handbook: A Buyers Guide. Includes current models, test drive reports, EPA ratings, cost incentives and safety information. Trading in that pick up truck? Look at the new options available. review: Here at the Team believes in the 'green' ethic wherever we can manage it. So we figured with all the oil issues and greenhouse gases our customers would appreciate a book to help them through the maze of hybrids and new technology.

While we may drive dually pick ups to horse shows, pay expensive fuel surcharges for importing our horses, or spend hard earned dollars commuting to the barn, it's probably prudent for us all to get in front of the knowledge and embrace new technology. We've added solar panels to the indoor, wind turbines to the ridgelines, facilitated gas and oil drilling in our shale belts. Everyday we probably wish our cars and trucks were more fuel efficient but here's the book that undoes the maze and answers your real questions and helps clearly identify what is real saving and what it not. If we need to make compromises, and we probably do, then at least let's know what we're making a compromise on. How effective are the various models and technologies and what is salesman banter we should be aware of.. cost effective learning here.

Softcover. 147pp

Release 2006.
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