The right bridle for your horse makes all the difference to his comfort and the fit is very important. Choose high quality, soft leather for comfort and as bridles can all differ slightly in their sizing, it is a good idea to check the measurements before you buy. At The Horse Studio we post the measurements on every bridle so you can ensure the fit is just what you need for the ultimate comfort for your horse.

Poor fitting tack can cause all sorts of problems from your horse tossing his head, leaning on one rein, fighting the bit to bucking and bolting.

Horse bridles save up to 75 percent on some of the finest bridles on the market.  UK horse bridles, German bridles, USA made bridles. Snaffle bridles for horses and ponies, double bridles, grackle bridles for cross country, flat bridles for foxhunters. We have included measurements so that you can be sure that the bridle you purchase not only looks splendid but most importantly feels good to your horse, as correct fit is paramount. Looking for a specific discipline? Click on the discipline link, i.e. Dressage, Polo etc.

Jaguar Snaffle Bridle
Jaguar Oversize Snaffle Bridle Rubber Backed Reins Included 1 left
$379.95 $399.95

Unique fitting options make this imported from England bridlework superior to many other brands. Beautifully manufactured by renowned saddle and bridlewear making house Harry Dabbs under license from the elite car maker Jaguar, this bridle gives a superb fit and excellent features. Made from the finest English leather and hardware, keen attention to detail and flexibility in design and comfort of the horse...........(click       image for full details.

Super sale is a special intro price for limited time only.

See all Jaguar Equestrian Products.


Dressage Bridle
Dressage Bridle The Degas Black Leather w/Reins Just 3 left
$99.95 $199.95

Super value, super leather and quality, from TheHorseStudio line of bridlewear. From our new "Masters" line of bridles.


The Degas. This beautiful black over white padded bridle is finely made and provides every comfort for your horse. Both the nose and browband are padded. This bridle has a cavesson noseband with a roller buckle and a detachable flash.......... (click on image for full details)


Red Tag Sale


Weymouth Double Bridle
Weymouth Cob Size Double Bridle Imported from Germany. 1 left.
$179.99 $239.99
Limited time offer, save $60 on this beautiful bridle. Super Quality Horse Bridle With 2 Sets of Leather Reins. Size: Cob Model: Bremen. This is a super smart all black double bridle of German leather and great workmanship, and includes a full set of leather reins. All the fittings are semi-circular stainless steel, and the cavesson noseband is flat and extra wide. The crank (pullback) buckle has a roller for easy fitting. ........ (click on image for full details)

Horse Bridle The Bonn
Horse Snaffle Bridle The Bonn. Imported from Germany. Black. 3 left.
$139.99 $249.95
Horse Bridle Super German Leather Horse Bridle The Bonn Snaffle bridle in black with cavesson noseband from select Italian leather. Imported from Germany. This is a hot new design noseband and browband ( please see additional photos), that is well padded in self color, and includes stainless steel fittings, a full set of web reins and excellent workmanship........... (click on image for full details)

The Bonn. Snaffle Bridle.
Horse Bridle The Bonn. Snaffle Bridle. Brown. Pony Size. Just 3 left
$139.95 $249.95
Brown with roller noseband from select leather. This is a hot new design noseband and browband ( please see additional photos), that is well padded in self color, and includes stainless steel fittings, a full set of web reins and excellent workmanship........... (click on image for full details)
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Tack How to Choose It and Use It.
Tack How to Choose It and Use It.
$15.99 $29.95
Carolyn Henderson takes you through everything from bit choices to saddle fit and some schooling tips too. review: Carolyn is well known in the UK for her equestrian journalistic skills and has been published in just about every equestrian magazine over the years. She provides down to earth, common sense advice and everything here is backed up as usual with hubbie John Henderson's photographic skills to illustrate the specific points........(click on image for full details)

Weymouth Bit Lipstrap
Weymouth Bit Lipstrap: In black rolled leather for the double bridle.
$11.75 $12.99
This is a high quality black leather lip strap, to secure the curb chain. Comfortable and easy to use rolled leather design....... (click on image for full details)

Fitting Tack Photo Guide
Fitting Tack Photo Guide Jane Holderness-Roddam
$9.95 $12.95
A step-by-step guide on correct and comfortable tack fitting, with advice on common problems and how to avoid them. Chapters cover all aspects from headcollars and halters, bridles and bits, saddles, girths and numnahs to lungeing equipment and care of tack........(click on image for full details)
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