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Riding Gloves SSG Pro Show Deerskin Size 6 1750016B6 Quantity
Irideon Pipeline Riding Tights Sand with Coral KP 1720699
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Horse Polo Wraps Luxury Fleece Extra Long. Set of 4. 1310008/9-NColor Options.
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  • Thermatex Horse Wraps
    Horse Wraps Thermatex High Tech Lightweight
    $25.95 $58.95 Copyrighted Review:-

    As I hail from across the pond I am very familiar with this British made product and the great wicking and moulding properties of Thermatex. This is a lovely wrap that will last for years. It offers support in just the right measure, provides a soft 'massage' effect for the leg due to the wool fabric and is super soft next to the horse's legs. The moisture wicking is very beneficial for horses that tend to harbor fungus particularly common on white legged horses. Offered here in three colors. Choose from denim blue, navy blue or hunter green. Price is for a set of four wraps........... (click on image for full details)


  • Polo Wraps
    Horse Polo Wraps Set of 4 Choose your color
    $15.99 $27.99

    Think Pretty in Pink, all the colors of a beautiful summer garden to brighten your day. Dressing up your horse, protecting his legs especially while rehearsing that awesome extension or half pass, does not have to be boring. Tooting about practicing your flatwork and want to keep your horse's tendons warm and toasty - and show off his perfect rhythm, look no further........ (click on image for full details)

    final saleAll red tag sales are final sales and non returnable hence discount


  • Horse Polo Wraps
    Horse Polo Wraps Best Quality Luxury Fleece
    $21.99 $27.99
    Extra Long; Non Pilling Fleece. Set of 4; Choose your color - Purple (sold out) or Dark Green.Classic high end colors bring elegance to your horse's attire and makes a statement. Long associated as wealth colors, the lush forest green color brings a welcome touch of glamour........ (click on image for full details)

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