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Draft horse emporium. Super help for the draft horse enthusiast. Driving horses from all breeds are showcased in our store. These majestic horses have toiled for mankind and now enjoy a place not just in the fields or street, but the show ring too. Whether a Shire, Ardennes, Belgian, Irish Draft, Suffolk or any heavy horse breed, their special needs and training requires extra knowledge as a horseman, and we hope you will enjoy the products we have stocked to aid you and your team. Looking for a specific item? Click on the department link, i.e. Books, DVDs etc.

Showing The Heavy Horse The Exhibitors Guide
Showing The Heavy Horse The Exhibitors Guide from Edward W. Hart
$49.95 $75.00
The sheer pleasure of showing and managing the majestic heavy and draft horse breeds is well documented with well written text, high quality production and inspirational photographs here. Written by Horse and Hound correspondent Edward Hart....... (click on image for full details)

Clydesdale Mare And Foal Tunnicliffe
Clydesdale Mare And Foal Collectible Art Print Charles Tunnicliffe
$189.99 $249.99
This beautiful print from super talented and famous and collectible artist Charles Tunnicliffe, this awesome print of his painting of Clydesdale Mare and Foal, was printed in 1949....... (click on image for full details)

Shire Horse with two Jack Russells
Greeting Card: Shire Horse with two Jack Russells
From UK artist Mick Cawson this blank card captures Shire horse in his stall with two Jack Russells. Mick Cawson is a respected artist who began sketching portraits of children at covent garden before moving to animal life art work and winning Fine Art Trade Guild Published Artist of the Year in 1998. ICard size approx 6 3/4 inches x 4 1/2 inches blank inside for your own message........ (click on image for Large picture)

Horse in farmyard
Greeting Card Horse in farmyard from Lewis Fitzgerald
Another lovely imported card from Britain, this time of a typical British farmyard scene from days gone by of working horse in the yard. The super artwork here is from an original painting by J. Lewis Fitzgerald. The card is left blank inside for your personal message. Card size is approx 5 by 7 inches....... (click on image for Large picture)

The Last Warhorse.
The Last Warhorse. Award of Excellence Movie.
$11.95 $24.95

A family fights to save their land and their honor. Pop McKenzie, and old scrap merchant, lives with his grandchildren Dee, Ray and Sid, and their beloved Clydesdale horse, Sam, in a humble home on prime piece of harbor-side real estate in a run down suburb of Sydney, Australia..........(click on image for full details)

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Shire Horse Card
Shire Horse Lovers Card Artist Malcolm Coward.
This blank card from Malcolm Coward. His work has been awarded many prizes and he is considered one of the world's finest equestrian artists. Please see some of his other works in our store in the greeting cards. Card size approx 6 3/4 inches x 4 1/2 inches....... (click on image for Large picture)

Shire Horse Card King
For the Shire horse lover this blank card heralds the beautiful "King"
Enjoy viewing this prize winning shire horse. He's a lovely fella!....... (click on image for Large picture)

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