Halters & Leads

Halters & Leads

Halter Sale! Shop our various lines of halters carefully resourced to be of the best quality leather and fittings with the added bonus of being proudly made in the U.S.A. The Horse Studio is proud to provide it's own design line of halters as well as some from other leading manufacturers. Imported from Germany (of German leather), some the United Kingdom ( British leather). Most come with matching leadshanks. We also offer some Nubuck leather lined nylon halters from New Zealand, fresh horse designs make them stand out and the kids love them. Looking for a specific discipline? Click on the discipline link, i.e. Dressage, Polo etc.
Horse Halter with Superior Comfort
Horse Halter with Superior Comfort 3 inch Noseband. Last one..
$99.00 $118.00
Horse Halter with Superior Comfort 3 inch Noseband. From the Sharon Camarillo Collection any discerning rider will love this great fitting high quality working halter. TheHorseStudio.com review: Extremely well crafted of the best leather and workmanship from Reinsman. This stitched saddle skirting leather halter is the ideal halter for the ultimate comfort of your horse. Designed by World Champion Racer Sharon Camarillo in collaboration with the Reinsman Equestrian line, the workmanship is nothing short of superb and the fit and design brilliant. While the halter has been made by one of the leading western tack manufacturers its appeal is much broader in scope........... (click on image for full details)

Leadshank Black Leather
Horse Leadshank Black Leather with nickel chain.
$12.95 $29.95

This black leather lead shank is well made with a 20 inch chain ( measured from end of leather to end of snap) and 5 foot leather line which is 1 inch wide and........ (click on image for full details)

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Tack How to Choose It and Use It.
Tack How to Choose It and Use It.
$15.99 $29.95
Carolyn Henderson takes you through everything from bit choices to saddle fit and some schooling tips too. TheHorseStudio.com review: Carolyn is well known in the UK for her equestrian journalistic skills and has been published in just about every equestrian magazine over the years. She provides down to earth, common sense advice and everything here is backed up as usual with hubbie John Henderson's photographic skills to illustrate the specific points........(click on image for full details)

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