Health Care-Horse

Health Care-Horse

Enjoy shopping this extensive library of health and medical information for your horse and the latest high tech horse care products.


All the DVDs and books have been reviewed by The Horse Studio Team to give you a better understanding of their content. Whether it's horse keeping tips for safety or detailed analysis of the latest technology available for the horse, holistic help, straight veterinary science, shiatsu, herbal and homeopathic information, it's all here.


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The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses
The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses
$17.95 $22.95

Dust off your childhood dreams. Make time, make space, learn and grow. Find meaning, magic and mastery in the second half of life.

Melinda Folse with an introduction from Clinton Anderson.

This is a book for every woman who as a little girl dreamed of horses, choosing Breyers over barbies - plastic horses over plastic dolls. It's for those that have spent the past several decades taking care of others rather than taking care of themselves, while childhood dreams gathered dust on shelves. And, it's the idea read for women at " that point in life" when they begin to wonder whether they'll ever find the courage to do all the things they wanted to do someday....... (click on image for full details)

The Horse The Foot, Shoeing & Lameness.
The Horse The Foot, Shoeing & Lameness. BHS Examiner Julie Brega.
Here is a super handy reference book that will help you pass those BHS exams by providing all the primary data you need to know about the horse's feet, their balance and their shoeing requirements and the effects of all types of different shoes. Also covered vet care as far as puncture wounds, dressings, how to read excessive wear on certain points of the foot and what it indicates, bony enlargements and anatomy/structural reference including joints, tendons plus foot ailments and much more....... (click on image for full details)
101 Horse keeping Tips
101 Horse keeping Tips Makes a Perfect Gift
$11.95 $12.95
This book is jam packed with good advice on how to make sure your horse stays happy and healthy and you don't have any hay combusting, or horse poor pastures or headaches that cost you emotionally as well as your check book.......(click on image for full details)


Horse Feed Scoop
Horse Feed Scoop Square KBF99 Antibacterial
$18.99 $25.99
Part of the fantastic KBF99 stable line, this is an antibacterial feed scoop. While you may already have latched on to the benefits of antibacterial grooming brushes The Horse Studio has also selected other useful barns items to complete your health safety initiative........(click on image for full details)

Salt Lick Holder
Horse Salt Lick Holder KBF99 Antibacterial
$16.99 $19.99
Part of the fantastic KBF99 stable line, this is a salt lick holder. While you may already have latched on to the benefits of antibacterial grooming brushes The Horse Studio has also selected other useful barns items to complete your health safety initiative........(click on image for full details)

Concise Guide to Laminitis
Horse Health. Concise Guide to Laminitis. David Ramey DVM.
$14.95 $16.95
Horse Health: Concise Guide to Laminitis. David Ramey DVM. Such a potentially devastating disease - which has received more press recently as the downfall of Barbaro - the ills and vagaries of this disease are clearly explained in succinct fashion by David Ramey....... (click on image for full details)
Clipping photographic guide
Horse Clipping Super UK photographic guide.
$9.99 $10.99
Horse Clipping Super UK photographic guide that answer and demonstrates all the best clips for your horse in a handy book that you can keep alongside as you work. This UK book is a photographic guide expertly produced by the Hendersons,( Carolyn and John), lots of practical tips for the neatest results and professional finish job. How to work around the ticklish spots and awkward areas, the different designer clips and help on handling techniques and clipper maintenance....... (click on image for full details)

Concise Guide to Navicular Syndrome
Concise Guide to Navicular Syndrome (Revised) David Ramey.
Concise Guide to Navicular Syndrome Revised Edition from DVM, David Ramey. All you wanted to know and didn't understand, clearly explained alleviating fear and providing treatment options. This is a neat guidebook for the horse owner who wants to better understand the causes, effects and treatments for navicular syndrome....... (click on image for full details)

All About Grooming
All About Grooming Photographic Guide Carolyn Henderson
All About Grooming Carolyn Henderson brings you a wealth of advice with the aid of lots of photographs on correct grooming and bathing techniques for horses. The must haves on equipment, how to safely work around your horse, spot cleaning and bathing, picking feet and much more. A handy photographic guide that you can use in the barn....... (click on image for full details)
Hickman's Farriery.
Hickman's Farriery. John Hickman & Martin Humphre 2nd edition
$34.99 $65.00
Horse Farrier Help Hickman's Farriery from John Hickman & Martin Humphrey 2nd edition Horse Shoemaking, step by step with great illustrations plus how to work with all the tools, how to remove and add a shoe, specialist shoeing techniques, how to prevent slipping, application of pads, advice and guidance on conformation and action and so much more. This is a horse farrier must read book - it comes with clear and easy to follow instructions. Beginning with a history lesson and moving on to the underlying structure of the horse's feet and legs. Working on shod and unshod horses and youngstock handling, styles of showing, nails and machine made shoes, making horseshoes and shoemaking generally covered in great detail here....... (click on image for full details)

Back To Work
Back To Work Lucinda Dyer
$19.95 $26.95
How to recondition and rehabilitate your horse from author Lucinda Dyer.

Accurate and logical advice.What a monster size book and great detail and direction on exactly how to recondition or rehabilitate your horse. Lucinda Dyer, in this new release book - brings a wealth of information and poignant interviews with six riders who suffered serious injuries including broken necks as well as other broken bones and details how they overcame confidence issues and health setbacks. ...... (click on image for full details)

The Horse Owner's Survival Guide
The Horse Owner's Survival Guide
$12.00 $17.95
Super British help with horse buying, care, insurance and more from professional Carolyn Henderson with anecdotes from Ian Stark, Richard Davison and more... from noted British author and journalist Carolyn Henderson this book brings a great resource to the new horse owner or prospective horse owner. ...... (click on image for full details)

Lameness Recognizing And Treating The Horse's Most Common Ailment
Superb guidance in all aspects of lameness causes and resolution in the horse. Comprehensive resource. A must have in the barn. Everyone that has read this book says it's a 10 out of 10 must have super resource. This is a tome of a book and is jam packed with many diagrams to accompany a comprehensive study of all forms of lameness and their diagnosis and treatment. .......(click on image for full details)
Beastie Brush: Horse Hoof Brush Horse Bucket Brush
Beastie Brush: Horse Hoof Brush Horse Bucket Brush Wood backed
$7.95 $9.95
Beastie Brush: Horse Hoof Brush or Horse Bucket Brush Wood backed. This is one of the Beastie brush collection. The picture shows the range of colors we have available in this 9 1/2 inch bucket or hoof brush. The vibrant colors mean you won't lose it in the feed room and can easily avoid mowing over it if it's left outside by the well intentioned bucket cleaner in your family or on your team. ...... (click on image for full details)

Horse's Teeth
Horses' Teeth and their problems by Dr. Kai Kreling
$14.75 $28.75
An accurate and detailed guide to the well being of your horses' teeth and treatment options.Many of us have learned the hard way the importance of the health of our horses' teeth. Whether your equine partner is happy in his work and bitting to whether or not he is able to properly able to digest his food diminishing his risk for colic, these are aspects of dental care that we know something about....... (click on image for full details)
From Birth to Backing
From Birth to Backing Out of Print
$13.95 $24.95
Ex Household Cavalry for Queen Elizabeth II and former student of Monty Roberts, brings you the secrets of body language, horse psychology training and lots of practical advice ensuring the best start to your horse's career....... (click on image for full details)

First Aid for Horses
First Aid for Horses from British Vet Karen Coumbe.
$22.00 $42.00
A very good guide for the new horse owner that covers the major emergencies and how to deal with them. This is a high quality production and includes good photos as well as a logical and easy to follow text. Ideal for the layman, because it covers how to determine when to call the vet, and what to do while you are waiting, and what to expect from the vet on his arrival. The text covers major emergencies, injuries and illnesses. Including how to take a horse's pulse and temperature, how to do emergency bandaging and wound care while awaiting a vet, what your first aid kit should include, prevention and planning to avoid major problems, and breeding emergencies....... (click on image for full details)
First Aid For Horse and Rider
First Aid For Horse and Rider Nancy Loving DVM and Gilbert Preston MD
This is a handy guide that brings quick access to the facts to handle common medical emergencies such as may occur when horse and rider come together. A great addition to the tack room or saddle bag, it covers CPR, head injuries, lightning injuries, bone an joint injuries for the rider plus many other topics. For the horse it covers insect bites, animal bites, wounds, heat stress, eye conditions, hoof problems, acute lameness and more....... (click on image for full details)
Clipping Trimming and Plaiting.
Clipping Trimming and Plaiting.
$9.95 $15.95
A practical guide to when, why and how to groom, clip, bath or braid your horse. With step by step instructions to enable anyone to achieve a high standard of turnout. It covers: Tools and Equipment, Skincare and Grooming, Bathing and Trimming, Pulling and braiding (plaiting) manes and tails, Care of Feet, Clipping and Aftercare of a Clipped Horse, Emphasizing good points and minimizing faults, Dealign with the Nervous or Difficult Animal, The Effect that Grooming has on the Horse's Health and Well-being........(click on image for full details)
The Horse Owner's Stable Handbook
The Horse Owner's Stable Handbook from author Kathy Chesters.

Event rider and trainer. A comprehensive and accessible overview of keeping your own horse and keeping him healthy. review: Many topics covered here including stabling both at home and boarding out, stable conversions and materials and yard equipment you'll need, managing your horse at grass, routine procedures such as worming, showing, dental care and vaccinations, feeding and watering, general care and prevention of vices......(click on image for full details)


The Essential Guide to Professional Horse Care
The Essential Guide to Professional Horse Care
$25.99 $45.99
By author Alison Pocklington -UK Horse and Hound Groom Of The Year 2000.For anyone unfamiliar with the trials and tribulations of showing and competing horses who hasn't the most experience on the subject and would like to avoid the pitfalls - this is a great book. Alison was pro groom for Christopher Bartle for many years ...... (click on image for full details)
The Horse Lover's Answer
The Horse Lover's Answer Dana Hokana Horse Selection & Care
$16.95 copyrighted review: This is a re-release of the very popular series A Complete Guide from world renowned trainer Dana Hokana. In this DVD she teaches you how to most importantly select the right horse in the first place. Then you'll learn how to groom him/her into a shine, take care of health issues, how to feed and house him, and how to handle him........(click on image for full details)
Practical Guide to Brood Mares
Practical Guide to Brood Mares from Alfred Goulder.
$9.95 $29.95
Packed with 46 years of experience as a groom and mare and stallion handler. review: An invaluable guide that provides and overview of what you need to know to bring your mare into foal, to foal her out successfully, how to handle the foal and mare, poisonous plants to look out for, diseases and genetic issues and more. Alfred Goulder began as a cavalryman in 1947 and went on to work at various thoroughbred studs around the U.K. This book is useful for the thoroughbred breeder and the backyard breeder........(click on image for full details)
Stable Bandages
Stable Bandages 12 ft Long Durable One set left
$21.99 $24.99

These stable bandages are offered in a set of 4 and are made of durable 10 oz double knit stretchable in two directions. Each bandage is 12 foot long and 5.5 inches wide with velcro closure. Offered in bright colors forest green, royal blue or bright red..........(click on image for full details)


Thermatex Horse Wraps
Horse Wraps Thermatex High Tech Lightweight
$25.95 $58.95 Copyrighted Review:-

As I hail from across the pond I am very familiar with this British made product and the great wicking and moulding properties of Thermatex. This is a lovely wrap that will last for years. It offers support in just the right measure, provides a soft 'massage' effect for the leg due to the wool fabric and is super soft next to the horse's legs. The moisture wicking is very beneficial for horses that tend to harbor fungus particularly common on white legged horses. Offered here in three colors. Choose from denim blue, navy blue or hunter green. Price is for a set of four wraps........... (click on image for full details)


Hay Net
Hay Net Trailer and Stall Use

Traditional haynet perfect for trailer rides as well as the stall, this nylon hay net has 2" holes that slows down eating. Offered in royal blue and forest green. Review: Always a handy product and great for keeping your horse entertained for long period. It also saves you dollars on your hay budget as there is significantly less wastage. also offers slow feed hay bags. Please see other listing.............. (click on image for larger Picture)




Feeds and Feeding
Feeds and Feeding Photo Guide Mary Gordon Watson
$9.95 $12.95
A guide to horse and pony feedstuffs, and straightforward advice on feeding horses and ponies, whether kept at grass or stabled. Chapters include rules of good feeding, cooked food and appetizers, calculating rations, food and health and storage........(click on image for full details)
Beds and Bedding
Beds and Bedding Mary Gordon Watson
$9.95 $12.95
A guide to the materials used for horses' bedding, with simple instructions on how to create and maintain comfortable, clean beds for horses and ponies. Chapters include why stabled horses need bedding, stable floors and drainage, how to muck out, and the different types of bedding........(click on image for full details)
First Aid
First Aid Jane Holderness-Roddam
$11.95 $12.95

Straightforward advice on how to cope with common ailments and injuries, when to call the vet and what to do before the vet arrives. Chapters include signs of ill-health, equipment and first aid cupboard, cleaning and covering wounds, and tubbing, poulticing and bandaging..........(click on image for full details)


Equine Internal Parasites and  Sustainable Parasite Control
Equine Internal Parasites and Sustainable Parasite Control
$19.95 $24.95

New ProductDeworming protocols over the past 40 years have resulted in enormous health benefits for the horse. But the practice of frequent deworming has created the drug-resistant parasites we face today. The focus is now on sustainable parasite control: Testing for parasitic levels before deworming and only deworming when parasites
reach a certain level. Treatment is then targeted to specific parasites. This program guides you through the current protocols for keeping horses healthy and performing at their highest level........(click on image for full details)



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