Horse Racing

Horse Racing

What Tesio began you can finish. Enjoy a signed first edition book from jockey Sean Clancy or advice from Tesio on race horse breeding to photographic conformation guides from Robert Oliver to make sure your Keeneland acquisition is the best it can be. See you in the winners circle. Looking for a specific item? Click on the department link, i.e. Books, DVDs etc.
Lightning In A Jar
Lightning In A Jar by Cothran Campbell Horse racing 1st edition
Lightning In A Jar by Cothran Campbell: Horse racing fans will delight into this inside scoop into the world of racing. This is a 1st Edition too. This is a WOW of a book. Very honest and very keen perceptions - insights into the horse racing world..well written. I love this author and I applaud the achievements - it's a great guide book if you are just getting atarted into the world of horse racing. ...... (click on image for full details)
The Expert's Guide to Buying Weanlings.
The Expert's Guide to Buying Weanlings.
$14.95 $19.95
Race Horse Buying: The Expert's Guide to Buying Weanlings. Learn how to assess keenly and buy with confidence ( well as much as you can have when you buy a horse this young). review: This DVD teaches you how to train your eye to assess a weanling for both faults and desirable qualities that may be apparent now or develop later. The three experts guide you through their own examinations of several horses and point out what they see. This includes looking for problems that the horse may develop as it matures physically that are not immediately apparent, to locating issues that may look worse today than they will in the future as the horse grows up....... (click on image for full details)
The Story of Seabiscuit
The Story of Seabiscuit Horse Movie
$11.95 $24.95

Shirley Temple, Barry Fitzgerald and Lon McCallister.


Legs short, Running style inefficient. Heart unequaled. Sixteen times out of the starting gate and zero times in the winners circle. Those were the humble beginnings of the undersized, underdog bay colt who became one of the greatest thoroughbreds in racing history. With actual racing footage of " The Biscuit" The Story of Seabiscuit mixes fact with fancy into an memorable tale of rags to riches success........(click on image for full details)

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The Great Dan Patch
The Great Dan Patch Horse Movie.
$11.95 $24.95

While the horse races and millions cheer him on, the owner of the horse David Palmer and the trainer's daughter develop a passion for each other that threatens to tear apart his marriage........(click on image for full details)

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Turfed Out.
Turfed Out. A light hearted look at Horse Racing from Julian Seaman.
Foreword by Nicky Henderson. Hilarious insights into the worlds of horse racing.An irreverent look at the Sport of Kings with anecdotes, gossip, quotes, jokes, curiosities, photos, cartoons and fascinating snippets on the greats and not so greats. Folks covered include John Francome, Pat Eddery, Steve Cauthen, Bob Champion, Peter Scudamore and naturally Lester Piggott plus others.......(click on image for full details)
Owning a Racehorse.
Owning a Racehorse.
$15.95 $32.95 review: Diane Harvey ran a Hanoverian stud in Germany before coming to the world of racing. She is now an assistant race horse trainer in Newmarket. During the years between she learned many lessons of race horse ownership the hard way. Authoring this book she shares her insights of those early lessons, addresses the questions we all want to ask about racing by interviewing three noted race horse personalities; Charles Nelson, trainer; Susan Cameron, bloodstock agent and Terry Jennings, owner.......(click on image for full details)
The Daily Telegraph Chronicle of Horse Racing.
The Daily Telegraph Chronicle of Horse Racing.
$14.95 $29.95
A world of racing history at your fingertips. A super gift! Edited by Norman Barrett this volume contains contemporary reports from Lord Oaksey and Tony Stafford 'on the spot' at both flat and over jumps racing plus feature articles as published in The Daily Telegraph British newspaper. Their reports relive the great moments and personalities of racing history that have made headlines, from race meetings of the Victorian era and the famous racehorses and jockeys of the 19th Century through to their latter day successors.......(click on image for full details)
Racing Respite Original Oil Painting
Racing Respite Original Oil Painting from artist Nikki Alvin-Smith.
This is the first in the collection of works from artist Nikki Alvin-Smith inspired by the bay thoroughbred mare, Versailles WVH. Based on the original oil on canvas work, Racing Respite is inspired by the horse racing phenomenon Tomorrows Cat ( Storm Cat ) bloodlines. Size framed is 20 inches wide x 24 inches high. Medium: Oil on Canvas........(click on image for full details)
The Simple Game
The Simple Game An Irish Jockey's Memoirs Thomas Foley
Secretariat Walt Disney movie jockey/actor Thomas Foley here recounts his real life experiences as a race horse jockey. His memoirs are chock full of Irish wit and tell the story of his life's ups and downs in the ranks of the Sport of Kings.......(click on image for full details)
Ruffian. Academy Award Nominee Sam Shepard Stars.
$19.95 $24.95

An extraordinary and true tale of the greatest filly racehorse of all time, Ruffian. Undefeated in her first ten races, Ruffian is fast on her way to becoming one of the most successful thoroughbreds in horse racing history. Yet as the two year old's reputation continues to grow, so does the pressure to enter her in a one on one match race against the 1975 Kentucky Derby winning colt, Foolish Pleasure..........(click on image for full details)

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Thoroughbred Gallop Frosty Morning
Thoroughbred Gallop Frosty Morning Greeting Card

Exercising some superb photographic genius this card showcases the work that goes in to make that big day possible, by Irish photographer Siobhan English. Copyrighted Review:-

The Horse Studio is very pleased to welcome the photographic genius of acclaimed Irish journalist and photographer Siobhan English to their collection of fine horse and dog lover greeting cards. This card is the quintessential shot for all racehorse lovers. Siobhan English showcases her talent once again -the crispness of the frosted grass is amazing and the hot breath of the horse complete with turfed up track just wonderful. Makes you want to get up and out on your horse. Just perfect.

Please note: This is a copyrighted review and may only be published elsewhere with credit clearly denoted as ", The International Equestrian Shop" and with a link to The Horse Studio website URL if published online. Thank you for respecting our copyright.........(click on image for Full Details)

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Practical Guide to Brood Mares
Practical Guide to Brood Mares from Alfred Goulder.
$9.95 $29.95
Packed with 46 years of experience as a groom and mare and stallion handler. review: An invaluable guide that provides and overview of what you need to know to bring your mare into foal, to foal her out successfully, how to handle the foal and mare, poisonous plants to look out for, diseases and genetic issues and more. Alfred Goulder began as a cavalryman in 1947 and went on to work at various thoroughbred studs around the U.K. This book is useful for the thoroughbred breeder and the backyard breeder........(click on image for full details)
Gone to Stud.
Gone to Stud. Jane Glenn.
$9.95 $19.75
Stud Secretary Jane Glenn informs and entertains with this back door insight into the world of breeding racehorses and operating a successful stud.With her broad base experience with horses in Australia and England, working more recently at Littleton Stud in Hampshire, Jane Glenn has produced a well written heartfelt account of life from operating a breeding shed to bloodstock registration ( in the U.K.), sales at auction and the early stages of training and racing young stock.......(click on image for full details)
Breeding the racehorse.
Breeding the Racehorse. Federico Tesio.
$15.95 $24.95
This book from Federico Tesio is the definitive work on the breeding of racehorses. We have done our share of breeding and the answers and info provided here are engaging. One of the most astonishly successful racehorse breeders ever, Tesio brings wit, knowledge and solves the riddles that any racehorse breeder faces. ...... (click on image for full details)

The Black Stallion
The Black Stallion Modern Day Movie Landmark
$11.95 $26.95 Copyrighted Review: Francis Ford Coppola directs this stunning movie with super acting from Kelly Reno, Terri Gar and Mickey Rooney and a whole host of other wonderful stars. A fairy tale production with sun and sea and sand, on both the beach shots and the racetrack. This movie culminates in the ultimate racing experience and the wild Arabian stallion and his devoted rider survive major hurdles together, bonding them forever. The movie is very well produced and directed, and it was hailed in 1979 as " a wonderful experience..for adults and for kids" by Roger Ebert. I agree wholeheartedly.........(click on image for full details)

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