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Enjoy shopping some lovely hunter and equitation riding apparel, horse tack and great horse training DVDs and books. Names like the iconic George Morris head the line up and having the voice of a horse master in your head as you train your horse or take a lesson will help you 'practice perfect.'

American System of Forward Riding Volume 2
American System of Forward Riding Volume 2
$79.95 $84.95
2 DVD set and 1 workbook included. Everything you wanted to learn about the American System. This is volume 2 in the series and it offers more advice for the rider wishing to learn the American System of Forward Riding. From beginning to end this set of DVDs provides a detailed and clear map for any rider seeking to learn all the fine details and overall credentials that you need to master to become a truly forward rider........(click on image for full details)
Riding 2nd Edition
Riding. 2nd Edition. Kate Delano-Condax Decker.
2nd Edition of this classic work that takes the beginner rider on with confidence, safety and good form right from the start. Kate Delano-Condax Decker. 2007 release. A classic start to a good riding career brought to you in clear text that is praised by George Morris, Judy Richter and Bruce Davidson for being a worthwhile source to begin in good form. There are lots of illustrations throughout and the topics include taking lessons and how to find a good instructor,...... (click on image for full details)
For The Love of the Horse Vol I
For The Love of the Horse. Ann Jamieson.
For The Love Of A Horse Hunter judge Ann Jamieson brings you a collection of inspirational horse stories. This is a super original collection of horse stories that are touching, funny and inspiring. Respected judge Ann Jamieson, well known in hunter and equitation circles, has assembled a variety of horse tales from folks in all the different equestrian disciplines...... (click on image for full details)

Horse Showing For Beginners
Horse Showing For Beginners by Hallie McEvoy.
$8.00 $16.00
Horse Showing For Beginners by Hallie McEvoy. 2007 Revised Edition Super Horse Show Help. This new release 2007 is a revision of the previous edition. Showing For beginners is a guide for Novice hunter-Seat Show riders of all ages. Foreword here from Hugo Vidal and written by Hallie McEvoy....... (click on image for full details)
Racesar Riding Blouse
Racesar Riding Blouse in Soft Cream
$15.95 $49.95

Lovely feminine style in the U.K. made show shirt. Has a button for wrap collar so you can add your own. Sorry this one lost hers hence sale price.
Made of easy wash 65% poly/35% cotton with short sleeves.
Machine Wash................ (click on image for full details)

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Equestrian Shirt
Show Blouse from ELT Paris: Slimming riding apparel for the discerning rider.
$29.99 $59.99

A comfortable yet elegant short sleeved show blouse in white with fine tailoring and waist slimming design, with bent border and white ascot collar. You'll enjoy the extra reach and comfort of the spandex as the blouse follows your every move............. (click on image for full details)

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Showing Secrets
Showing Secrets. The Ultimate Guide to Showing Horses and Ponies.
$35.95 $49.00
Horse Showing Secrets: Grooming, turn out and horse rider presentation all covered here in detail with good help from showing the foal to winning a conformation class. Showing Secrets here from renowned author Carolyn Henderson. Are you ready to hit the show ring? What clothing? What turn out? What is the judge looking for? Whether you want to perfect your ring craft and how to stand properly or how to perfect those gaits or if you are starting out, this book provides an in depth view on every aspect you need to know....... (click on image for full details)
Double Jointed Snaffle Bit
French Link Double Jointed Snaffle Bit In Stainless Steel 5.5"
$18.99 $24.95
Double Jointed Snaffle Bit in Stainless Steel: Imported from Germany this high quality Bristol Bit is offered in three sizes with 2cm thick mouth. Loose Ring. This stainless steel bit offers the softer double joint which avoids any pinching or nutcracker action that a regular snaffle may employ over the tongue. Many horses prefer the lack of interference in the palate and will quietly mouth this bit. A soft curve facilitates a comfortable fit and the result of the double joint is to spread any bit pressure across the tongue and bars. ...... (click on image for full details)


Solving Flatwork Problems
Solving Flatwork Problems Jane Wallace
$10.95 $12.95

Practical advice on how to correct everyday schooling problems in horses and ponies. Chapters include laziness and excitability, leaning and over bending, hollowing and pulling, tail swishing and shying.........(click on image for full details)

Jaguar Martingale
Jaguar Martingale Running Plain Full Size Save $10
$85.99 $95.99

Beautifully handcrafted English leather, superior workmanship and the highest quality by renowned master saddle maker Harry Dabbs. Superior fit; traditional craftsmanship and the finest English leather and hardware are the hall marks of Jaguar’s bridlework & accessories............(click on image for full details)

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