Miniature Horses

Miniature Horses

As any miniature horse owner or lover knows this horse has special requirements for health and care that demand special attention. Incredible pleasure and education is gifted to us from this breed, and their size has nothing to do with their all encompassing heart and joy in life. Here's a collection of special products selected for the miniature to ensure a happier and better life for them and their owners. Looking for a specific item? Click on the department link, i.e. Books, DVDs etc.
Mini Power License Plate
Mini Power Horse Mirror License Plate. Chrome on black.

Miniature horse lovers delight in this unique laser design plate! Use as a license plate where it really catches the light or decorate a wall of your home or tack room where you can even use it as a mirror.............(click on image for larger picture)

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Loose Ring Snaffle
Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Mini 3.5 inch
$19.95 $24.95

Medium weight loose ring snaffle in a min size at 3.5 inch. Stainless steel....... (click on image for larger picture)


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