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Shop super quality saddle pads at great prices but without compromising on quality and comfort for your horse. The comfort of your horse is at stake here, as well as the obvious fashion and function appeal. The Horse Studio has selected some traditional and some high tech options for the discerning rider. A clean pad is a good pad, and having a few on hand will alleviate the washing blues:) Looking for a specific discipline? Click on the discipline link, i.e. Dressage, Polo etc.

All Purpose Saddle Pad Navy/Green
All Purpose Saddle Pad Navy/Green SALE Save $10.00
$49.99 $59.99
Navy with Hunter Green Braided Cord Edge. High Wither Contour and High Tech Cool Dry Wick Lining.

Luxury softness and extremely practical saddle pad. Your horse will love the comfort of this pad for the cool wicking comfort and you will love the chic appearance, the non bunching and wither relief of the high contour and stay put velcro straps and nylon loops. In very fancy synthetic suede which adds a classic smart look and will have everyone asking where you found this great saddle pad ........... (click on image for full details)

Saddle Pad Thermatex AP Quilted White
Saddle Pad Thermatex AP Quilted High Tech White
$49.95 $129.95 Copyrighted Review:-

A great discount price here for a very high quality product. My horse loved the springy comfort of the saddle pad, the soft extra piece for the wither area affording additional protection when jumping. The fabric washed up beautifully and the craftsmanship and finish were excellent. The heat really left his back and migrated out through the fabric and I used it in some slightly warmer weather just fine. Love it. Very durable, very comfortable for my horse. I felt he moved better.............. (click on image for full details)


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