GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE means just a handful of riding vests are left. But the deals are amazing!

Riding vests are one of the most popular pieces of equestrian apparel at The Horse Studio. Their sleeveless nature is perfect for the action sport of horseback riding, the fit provides a chic profile and allows the riding instructor to see the outline of the rider's back clearly which helps identify the rider's position and use of seat aids.

Riding vests come in a variety of colors and fits, some with elastic sides which are perfect for jumping. The Horse Studio offers discounts on select equestrian vest styles, and there is something to fit every budget.


Kyra K. Diva Horse Riding Vest
Kyra K. Diva Equestrian Riding Vest Mineral Blue Large JUST 1 LEFT
$79.95 $199.95

Save $150 on this Mineral Blue shade keeps you cool, calm and collected and the vest has all the designer touches you could wish for, so go ahead and make a statement............. (click on image for full details)

Final SaleNote: Clearance pricing, all red tag sales are final sales. 


Riding Vest Fleur De Lys Rhinestone
Riding Vest Fleur De Lys Rhinestone in Black 1 left
$47.00 $77.00

Show your love of classical dressage with this fun rhinestone Fleur de Lys design.
The riding vest is large quilt design with straight zip pockets, a 2 way zip and waist poppers for a two inch adjustment...............(click on image for full details)


Available only at

final saleAll red tag sales are final sales as marked. No returns or exchanges for any reason. Hence big discount.


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